Ron Paul – YAF claim he’s off his meds after CPAC

It is official; Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) have finally shown that they are out of touch with the youth of America.  Of course, this member of the youth of America has long known that YAF was out of touch.  In fact, since they expelled Ron Paul from their advisory board, this is the most I have heard about YAF in years.

According to their website: “YAF’s concern with Rep. Paul stems from his delusional and disturbing alliance with the fringe Anti-War movement”.  YAF’s Senior National Director Jordan Marks stated that Ron Paul is “out of touch” and later said “Rep. Paul is clearly off his meds and must be purged from public office.  YAF is starting the process by removing him from our national advisory board.  Good riddance and he won’t be missed”.  Interestingly enough this is the same stance Ron Paul has had regarding the anti-war movement for years even though he was a surgeon in the Air Force in the 1960s.

Regardless of your own personal opinion of Ron Paul, this public conflict may cause an added measure of strife between the youth of the movement and its older leaders.  Ron Paul obviously has some appeal as he won the CPAC Straw Poll for the second year in a row.

Although Jesse Benton (Ron Paul’s political director) may have said it best: “I hadn’t heard of YAF doing anything in years, I thought they were defunct.  Young Americans for Liberty is the group of the future”.


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