Sussex GOP faces their fears… the Tea Party

Christine O’Donnell stated recently on a local radio show that although she had not planned the events currently going on in Sussex County, Delaware, she approved of what was happening.  Much of this may have had something to do with the infamous statements made by the Delaware GOP Chair Tom Ross.  Remember how he said that Christine wasn’t eligible to be elected dogcatcher?  It seemed throughout Christine’s entire run for Senate that many in the Republican Party weren’t supporting her although most weren’t as vocal as Tom Ross.  Supporters of Christine had a difficult time gaining access to party resources even after Christine beat Mike Castle in the primary.  Tom Ross even filed a legal complaint against Christine O’Donnell and Tea Party Express which has forced Christine to set aside $500,000 for legal proceedings.

As a result, the Tea Party activists in Sussex County tried to take a stand with the local establishment GOP.  Last night’s Sussex County GOP meeting was the culmination of those efforts to date and almost left me speechless… almost.  I will attempt to put into words what I witnessed.  Let me add that I did not orchestrate these events although I do feel like I wrestled a walrus after simply watching the meeting.

Many local activists have been vocal about attempting to co-opt the local GOP as opposed to the GOP co-opting the Tea Party (which the media claims has been going on since day one).  Due to their transparency, the Sussex County GOP Chairman, Ron Sams, knew he was going to be asked to resign tonight.  Why would they ask Ron Sams to resign as opposed to dealing directly with Tom Ross?  Sams has been flagrantly ignoring rules to keep local conservatives from changing the Good Ol’ Boy system he loves so much.

Ron Sams and the Vice Chairman were both absent last night allowing for a unique circumstance.  Local activists were able to vote in a temporary chairperson (although the 44 to 34 vote was a bit too close for comfort) who would actually allow them to vote on a few important issues which local Good Ol’ Boy politicians had been squashing since the election in November.  While waiting for the results to see which side would control the meeting one activist may have put it best.  Do you remember your prom night?  Remember waiting to see whether you or your friends would win king and queen?  Everyone is all dressed up and hoping for the results they want.  Although the 34 people who voted for the Good Ol’ Boy system to remain the same may not have been happy with the results, most of the estimated 400 people in the room cheered loudly.

A few motions were passed, some appointments were changed, and some committees were dissolved.  Brent Wangen, Libertarian turned Republican, was voted in to head the new committee in charge of the new Rules Committee.  (I am still in awe just typing that, in fact I think I will repeat it)  Brent Wangen, Libertarian turned Republican, is in charge of making the new rules of the Sussex County GOP.  I realize that the rules his committee finalizes will have to be voted upon, but this is a huge accomplishment in itself.

A motion was officially submitted and voted upon for Ron Sams to resign although the motion is nonbinding and simply represented the opinions of the party at large.  The motion may be read in its entirety here.  The word that stands out the most to me personally is FAIL.  The motion repeatedly discusses the failures of Ron Sams.

Due to time constraints, the now infamous Tom Ross was given a short amount of time to speak.  This is the first appearance he has made publicly in Sussex County since the election in November.  His speech, well, it must be listened to, and you may do so below.  It really picks up a notch at about 7 minutes in.

Please watch the video and make your own opinions accordingly (we all know I’ll add my own opinions in a bit).


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