An appeal from the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher:

Jeff Christopher, your newly elected Sussex County Sheriff sends this appeal:

Mar 15,  10am – Sussex County Council meeting.

Greetings fellow patriots! My name is Jeff Christopher and I am your Sussex County Sheriff. Many of you have heard me at the 9-12 Delaware Patriot meetings in Millsboro. You elected me because I am a Constitutional and Conservative Sheriff who believes that the power of the office comes from you the people.

Recently after taking office I was challenged by County Council members as to my authority and despite my running to improve and make the office more proactive and provide more services, County Council members deny that I ran on this basis and have blocked all efforts I have made to improve the office. They remain convinced that your elected Sheriff has no Constitutional Authority and despite state law listing the Sheriff as a Law Enforcement Agency, we have no support from County Council.

You support us, The Delaware State Police support us, but the members of County Council do not and in fact have recently stooped so low as to draft and attempt to introduce a bill to diminish and or abolish your Sheriff and your right to vote for your Sheriff. They want to make it an appointed position.

I need your help. On March 15th at 10 am I am scheduled to present my case before County Council at the regular CC meeting at Council Chambers on the circle. I need you to come and show your support for me and ask why CC would draft such a bill to take away the rights of people who spoke loud and clear last November. They are making a mockery of the patriots of this county.

I want to strengthen and preserve this office for the people and will fight to the end!!

Thank You and God Bless


Hope to see you there!!


Your Sussex County Sheriff

Jeff Christopher


3 thoughts on “An appeal from the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher:

  1. This resolution has not yet been presented before the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee and has just been drafted by Eric Bodenweiser, the RD Chairman of the 37th District. Resolution to the Sussex County Council Regarding the Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County Whereas the Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County is the only law enforcement place in the county that is elected and responsible directly to the Folks, and


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