An Angel Update

I have started receiving emails, not the threatening kind, but the curious kind.

“Angel, where have you been?”

“Angel, you missed a scoop.”  (Not said by the cat while he stares dejectedly at his litter box)

“Angel, you missed a meeting!”

So in answer all of your questions I have been adjusting to having a talk radio show.  You may now listen to me Monday through Friday from 7pm to 9pm on 92.7 WGMD.

It has actually been a huge adjustment.  Although I pay attention to the news regularly, I now have to comprehend the information and retain it instead of just skimming for headlines.

I am hoping that in the coming weeks I will need less prep time to prepare the show as I get used to which websites have the best articles.  I hope that when I have the knack for show prep I will be able to blog more.

Expect less from me in the next few weeks but ultimately more in the long run!


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