Words from Mike Protack

The following email was sent out by Mike Protack.  I stole it from Jud Bennett:



Strengthen the Structure, Open Up the Process

As you and I look around the state, like most citizens we long for the day when headlines will read about strong economic growth, safe streets, schools that serve students and parents, roads not congested and fiscal stability. I know positive progression  these things are impossible with Democrats in charge of the state as they have been in charge of all or most of the state government for over 20 years and nothing has improved except we spend more and more money. I do think it is possible these headlines would read in a positive manner if we could elect more principled Republicans. I also know it is impossible to elect Republicans given the present structure of the Party and also the present leader of the Party.

You and I must strengthen the structure of the party and at the same time open up the process. We have a lot of untapped talent in the Delaware Republican Party ready to work hard to make Delaware the First State in a Great Nation. This process will take 3-4 election cycles and I have laid out new by laws, a technology plan ( Jason O’Neill’s brainchild), a time line for success and a proposed platform to form the nucleus of this noble cause.

Today, 500 GOP delegates and GOP contributors received this plan.

You and I realize personalities and past history will make the challenge difficult at times and as they say Leadership would be a lot more fun if it did not involve people but we can not drive in to the future looking in the rear view mirror nor can we stay on the road if we are screaming at all the other drivers.

I believe the principles of Freedom, Liberty and Opportunity should be the bedrock of the Republican message this year and for all time and I refuse to believe almost every other state in the union can enjoy success in the Republican Party except Delaware. The cause is just and the challenge is great but the consequences of failure mean the gradual decline of all we value and I say not in my America and not on my watch.

Mike Protack

P S~ http://reformthedelawaregop.wordpress.com offers a blueprint for success, let’s roll.


One thought on “Words from Mike Protack

  1. The technology plan was not solely my brainchild. The plan was also the culmination and hard work of another technologist, Diane Hernandez.


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