Chris Weeks addresses Casinos

The following letter was shared and written by Chris Weeks:



“Let me state, again, for the public record, that I am opposed to casino expansion and furthermore oppose efforts to balance the general fund budget with revenues from gambling.  However, that is not the reason for my letter.  With respect to my Representative, at least until redistricting occurs, I must take exception to the process proposed by HB 40.  While, Representative Schwartzkopf’s message has been carefully crafted to include the magic word “jobs”, and his stated motives are completely honorable, I feel compelled to call…”Bullfeathers”!

According to several published reports, HB 40 calls for a Governor appointed committee to evaluate proposals and choose the winners.  Said committee will have five members, including two current, appointed employees of the Governor.  Clearly, those employees are highly likely to choose the proposal that their boss, the guy who signs their check, wants to win.  That leaves essentially a three person committee.  The first member will be a retired judge.  This gives the committee immediate credibility.  It also makes sense, given that this person made a career of evaluating issues on their merits without passion or prejudice.  That’s unpredictable, though.  The second member is to be retired law enforcement.  This is perfectly logical.  I know that when I seek economic development or financial planning advice I immediately seek out the local constable. (Sarcasm intended.)  Perhaps law enforcement is included to keep the criminal element sometimes associated with gambling, especially if near a school, in check.  The final member of the selection committee is a retired banker.  It only makes sense to include a financial perspective. Certainly they will be objective, having never had dealings with local real estate developers.

So there you have it folks; the classic “stacked deck”.  Perhaps Representative Schwartzkopf knows a bookmaker willing to take action on who will win.

This would be laughable if it weren’t so scary.  Representative Schwartzkopf is a gifted politician.  So slick, in fact, that he panders to special interests so effectively that entire communities are willing to “turn their collective heads” at this behavior as long as he throws them the occasional bone.

To those that support HB 40, because it’s all about jobs, I say the ends do not justify the means.  It’s tantamount to the man whose doctor tells him he must lose weight.  The man then goes home and cuts off his left arm.  Did the man lose weight? Yes, but he didn’t address the real problem of cholesterol, diabetes or heart disease.  He lost weight, but his quality of life is diminished and life is still in danger.

With representation like this, I believe life in Delaware is in danger.”

Chris Weeks

Rehoboth Beach


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