Ron Sams’ Resignation: What do others say about it?

Judson Bennett sent out this email today.  Listen to the show tonight for my “discussion” about it:

Sussex County Republican Chairman Ron Sams will resign after the May Republican Convention.

In the wake of constant attacks, veiled threats, radio ads on WGMD, and a voracious letter writing campaign including a caustic letter to the editor by Cape Henlopen School Board member, Sandi Minard, Ron Sams will resign in May. The accuracy of her statements have come into question, but that no longer matters.

Indeed,as did most of the party faithful leaders and elected officials, Sams supported moderate Republican Mike Castle in the past election. However, after the primary, he did endorse Christine O’Donnell. That wasn’t good enough for the emerging social conservatives who are taking over the Sussex region. “Either you are a pure conservative or not–there is no compromise”, says one previous candidate, Eric Bodenweiser who barely lost to former 37th District Representative Joe Booth in a State Senate race.

Local Lewes activist, Rich Anthony had this to say in a recent e-mail to me:


I was raised in a staunch Republican home, registered as a Repub @ age 21 and changed my registration only when my party couldn’t field a viable candidate for Gov.  I decided to change my registration because I believed that one Dem Primary candidate was absolutely unfit and viewed the actual Gov race as the Dem Primary.

Now, in the face of the fractionalized breakdown of the party, I doubt that there is any way the Repub party can be reunited – Sussex Co in particular,  DE in general or … Nationally.  A comprehensive examination of the several local factions would probably reveal some small ideal that could be embraced BUT, given the antics of the radical and disruptive factions in the Sussex Co Republican Party I doubt mainstream Repubs would say that any one or any combination of the factions represent their views or speak for them.  And, after 40 years as a Repub, it is a tragically sad demise to witness.  The Repubs have become their own worst enemies and all the Democrats have to do is sit silently and wait.  So far, the Repub course and rhetoric appears to be self destructive.  I believe the “new wave Repubs” had their 10 mins of fame in 2010, I don’t see the new wave prevailing …

Rich Anthony–Lewes”

Well folks, there you have it–The Grand Ole Party (GOP) in Delaware ain’t so Grand any more. Will a leader emerge who can reunite the party?  Since compromise is the essence of Democracy, I’m not sure the Republicans will be able to win elections ever again in this state with this limited and narrow philosophy. Time will tell. So be it for now.

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network



Chris Slavens has his own analysis here.


5 thoughts on “Ron Sams’ Resignation: What do others say about it?

  1. I question why Bennett assumes that Sams’ support (or lack thereof) for O’Donnell had anything to do with the push for his resignation by a majority of the Executive Committee. Those who publicly asked him to step down made it quite clear that they were unhappy with the way he was running meetings. Perhaps Bennett is mixing up the complaints about Tom Ross — who treated O’Donnell very unfairly — with those about Ron Sams, who, as he correctly noted, supported her following the primary.

    It seems like the folks who are glum about the new direction of the Sussex GOP are those who stand to lose power and/or influence; outside of their small, irrelevant circle, the rest of the party is energized.


    • Chris, while we can only guess what is in someone’s head, I suspect that Judson Bennett does not really think that Ron Sams’ documented failure to support O’Donnell after the primary (watch for details coming soon) has anything to do with the issues in Sussex now.

      Instead, I suspect that Bennett knows all too well the political antics of DISTRACTION. Bennett seeks to redefine what is happening in order to belittle or discredit it. Delaware conservatives backed O’Donnell because they were already fed up with the old guard of the party for many years. They did not suddenly discover these grievances during O’Donnell’s campaign. They used her campaign to draw attention to them.

      Judson Bennett is one of those holding the bloody knife, who circulated the DEGOP dossier (as I call it) of false smears against O’Donnell in December 2009 and January 2010. Although the DEGOP was supposed to stay neutral until the May 2010 convention, from December 2009 to May 2010, DEGOP leaders were spreading personal and false attacks against O’Donnell — violating their supposedly neutral role until the convention. Judson Bennett and Dan Gaffney spread these smears in January and February 2010, setting the wildfire that burned throughout 2010. It is funny to see those who blew up the party try to act as dispassionate observers and commentators. Bennett helped carry out the character assassination, and now wants to tell us what it all means as a neutral commentator.


  2. “Either you are a pure conservative or not–there is no compromise.”

    I find this line of thought to be quite troubling. We shouldn’t have a litmus test for anyone who wants to be a Republican and be involved with the party. Purposefully excluding members and candidates who are slightly moderate on social issues is a dangerous road to take, one that will not win us statewide elections in the future. I’m conservative and wish we could have an all around conservative candidate, but we must distinguish fantasy from reality.


  3. J. Bennett has never really had anything to say that i found factual.. and he and his activist friend, well they are just two peas in a pod… decaying i might add… same would say, they can’t see the writing on the wall… We the People are speaking and not listening to their dribble any longer… 🙂


  4. I think the whole “pure” conservative idea is giving too much credit to the old guard Republicans. Look at the list of complaints against Mike Castle. He failed on fiscal conservatism, not just social conservatism. The biggest problems with Castle was not on social issues, but the fact that Castle was a big-spending, tax-raising, big government, regulation-expanding, deficit spending liberal. The problem with self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives is that they aren’t fiscal conservatives at all…. at least not when criticized by the liberal news media.


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