Government Gone Wild! DelDOT workers take toys from children? VID here

In true Government Gone Wild spirit, we now have a revealing video featuring what can only be drunk state workers (or, one may be sure, alcohol may be a factor the Department of Transportation wishes they could call responsible).

Please note how the female officer threatens, lies, and is not wearing a uniform.

Another Delaware blogger, Chris Slavens, writes about this story here.

In fact, Delaware even made The Consumerist on this one as this video is going viral.


The question is, what will be done about this?


9 thoughts on “Government Gone Wild! DelDOT workers take toys from children? VID here

  1. Colley,
    You owe the entire world an apology for the hate, lies, and bigotry that spews out of your corpulent face on a routine basis.


  2. Apology?

    Last I heard DelDot didn’t even bother to respond to inquiries from Angel for their side of the story/event.

    Perhaps, it is just another instance where the ‘public’ doesn’t deserve the right an answer by our public servants who choose to act first instead of coordinate and communicate.

    The workers weren’t the issue, the off-duty police officer wasn’t the issue except the outright lie told to a citizen of Delaware. No, where is the head of DelDot coming out and showing their integrity and addressing what is now a VERY public event.

    Cricket, cricket, cricket…


  3. Bill

    After viewing that video and watching the female officer “flat out lie,” I am outraged. I also didn’t see any indication of anyone drinking. The residents were not taunting the Deldot workers as the officer implies. They were merely defending their property and free speech rights.
    In plain English, Deldot stole their personal private property and I hope the good citizens sue the heck out of the state.


  4. This is sad, The officer lied to the man. Taking kids basketball goals. Are they dangerous? Delaware must want a bunch of fat kids that just sit around and play hoops on their XBox. Glad I live in TX!!!


  5. Would point out that the property between the curb and far edge of sidewalk are actually owned by the town/city/county. Why they maintain the sidewalk.


    • The municipality is not responsible for all of the maintenance. The property owner is responsible for daily maintenance of the sidewalk (as far as clearing snow, making sure it is properly accessible, etc.) and the maintenance of the grass that lies between the curb and the sidewalk. At some point, the owner of the property should have some rights as far as that space goes.

      Unfortunately, there is a law against the poles being there, but from what I can gather, that law was not in effect until 2005. If, as the man in the video claims, the hoop had been there before such a law had been in place, the city should have allowed him to keep his pole, as he did not originally intend to break the law. It is a sad situation; while they (DelDOT) had to take it down, they should have let the owner keep it and re-erect it in a legal area of his property.


  6. Re: Del Dot/basketball hoop incident

    I feel the female officer handled herself well. It is possible she may have been part of a negotiations team in which officers do not wear uniforms as usually the sight of a uniform approaching the subject may further upset the subject (be taken as ‘power’ or ‘force’). It is not uncommon that the negotiator may have to ‘lie’ in order to get the person to comply or calm down and not escalate the situation. I think it is unfortunate that the family lost their basketball hoop, and I think Del Dot could have handled the matter better perhaps with a ‘town meeting’ or discuss options without having to take down so many basketball hoops in the neighborhood and haul them away.

    Mary Beth


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