Bill O’Connell – Tonight’s guest!

Tonight we have the Activism Around America segment featuring: Bill O’Connell! Learn more about Bill (and his soon to be released book) here!

Author, political blogger urges Americans to use their voices in new book

NEW YORK – From “hope and change” and the Tea Party movement to the revolutions happening across the Middle East, people taking a collective stand has redefined the political landscape around the world, yet most American citizens still consider themselves powerless when it comes to making a difference in political issues.

But if political blogger and author Bill O’Connell has anything to do with it, Americans will find their voice, get off the sideline and start speaking up – more than ever before. Whether it’s for or against teachers unions, health care reform or any other political issue, O’Connell believes a single vote every two or four years isn’t enough to preserve American liberties. In his new book, Liberty’s Lifeline: Engaging the Grassroots Movement to Stop the Erosion of American Freedoms (Bridgeway Books, April 2011), O’Connell offers concrete steps for seeing real change in Washington.

“We are facing perilous times,” O’Connell says. “Our government is spending at an accelerating pace and encroaching on our liberties at the same time. It’s time for the people to get into the arena.” Liberty’s Lifeline takes a hard look at governmental policies, pointing out the urgent need for citizen involvement in politics, while avoiding the mudslinging that so often accompanies American politics. Based on his political blog entries, Liberty’s Lifeline tackles the day’s most prominent issues, including health care, the fiscal crisis and the war on terror. O’Connell compares politics today to those of the Founding Fathers and discusses America’s need for political competence.

“There is an arrogance among the governing class that says they are far better qualified to solve America’s tough problems and tell us how to live our lives, never mind that this country was built by millions of individual men and women who solved their problems without asking for the government’s help or advice,” says O’Connell.

You can check out Bill’s website – Liberty’s Lifeline – and make sure you listen tonight!


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