Hugh Hefner is not dead … or so he says on Twitter (Celeb Gossip Worth Noting)

I will never understand the amazement with Hef…

Maybe he has simply lived the dream life of the average male (surrounded by beautiful naked women)

Regardless, tales of his demise are greatly exaggerated (just so you know)

Here’s the buzz:

According to reports, Hefner was said to have died of a heart attack on Monday 11th July at 10:58PM EST.

Would you have believed the reports from your social networking friends, or gone hunting for further confirmation?

But can the Internetz really claim a celeb’s life?

The Internet apparently tried to claim the life of another celebrity last night, as social media reports circulated that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner had died.

Tuesday morning, Hef’s name was a trending topic on Twitter, but it was thanks to users trying to explain that the famed bachelor hasn’t departed yet. Wrote@nattymichelle: “Confession: I felt sad that Hugh Hefner died until I realized it was a hoax. Not nice, Twitterers!”

Perhaps the reports started because someone was concerned heartbreak would do Hef in, seeing that he went through a very public breakup with his former fiancee Crystal Harris in June. But any concern seems to be unwarranted – not only does he have a few new girlfriends, but he’s also looking forward to Lifetime’s special about his wedding-that-almost-was.

CNN, I don’t think Hef had his heart broken, let’s be honest, this “death” is getting him more hits than his cancelled wedding.


I wonder if Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper team has hacked into Hefner’s Twitter? News International is supposed to appear before Parliament…


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