Rush Limbaugh vs. Obama: Social Security – Will it continue (like they’ll actually NOT raise the debt ceiling)?

As someone in their 20’s, I have always operated under the assumption that I will not be receiving Social Security.  I have no faith that the program will last until I am ready to collect upon that pyramid scheme.

However, someone close to me was in a store today and the woman working behind the cash register was “freaking out” discussing with every customer who came through her line the fact that if the debt ceiling is not raised she won’t get her check.

“The President told us! You watch the news tonight!”

Despite her most likely biased source of information, I heard from my own biased source of information yesterday regarding Social Security checks.

Listen to this clip on Mediaite, and let me know what you think. Do you think the checks will go out, or should people start stocking up on food?  (well, they should always have a Z-Day stash anyway)

Better yet, do you think there’s actually a chance that the debt ceiling won’t get raised? You know they’ll give in…

Thanks for the awesome image!


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