Casey Anthony leaves prison – and someone proposes to her?

As Rebekah Brooks is arrested, Casey Anthony leaves jail.  Rebekah Brooks is a topic for tomorrow’s show, Casey Anthony is simply upsetting.

As expected, Casey Anthony left jail at 12:09 AM this morning (Sunday) and also as expected, she showed no emotion as she walked through the awaiting crowd.

 Casey Anthony was escorted, however, by a rather large number of police

who were just doing their jobs…

(some on horseback)

who were ready to “handle” the crowd of about 1,000 people who were waiting.

One does wonder how much the taxpayers who were there protesting had to pay for the “services” of the police holding them back?

Some members of the crowd even had signs made specifically for those who were “just doing their jobs”.

Amid the signs for Caylee Anthony, this one stood out.

There is another sign which stood out. Before I share this image with you, I want to remind you of the massive amounts of media attention which this trial gathered.  People all over the world now know Casey Anthony’s name and face.

Some people have paid attention to the negative light the media used to paint Casey Anthony in from the beginning of the trial and these people have used that as an excuse for not paying attention to the crime and loss of life.

I repeatedly hear people say that there was not enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony. Therefore I should be pleased that the justice system has worked because, well, obviously, I would hate to be imprisoned for a crime I didn’t commit, shouldn’t that hold true for Casey Anthony?

I think this case is yet another prime example of the failure of the government. The lack of evidence is most likely due to a lack of efficiency as well as a poor case put together by the state.

For those of you who are appalled at the fact that Casey Anthony has walked free today, think about how badly the state’s case was put together.

For those of you who have lost children, I am sorry for your loss.

And for Tim Allen, the idiot below with the sign, do you think sociopaths don’t enjoy the attention people like you throw upon her? I knew there would be people willing to put Casey Anthony on a pedestal, but it truly a shame to see it happening already.  17 people have apparently helped Casey Anthony buy “spicy peanuts” while she was coping with the loss of her daughter…

The fact that Caylee Anthony’s murderer is walking free today is yet another example of why the system is filled with corruption.

An interesting side note – Hugh Hefner has told the following to CNN:

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner told CNN’s Piers Morgan that the magazine won’t be offering Anthony a pictorial.

“I wouldn’t reward someone like that for what has happened,” Hefner said.

Is it weird that Hugh Hefner has more morality than those offering her millions for interviews and book deals?


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