Radio Freedom Guidelines

Radio Freedom has a few simple guidelines.

To listen, click this link:!/show/the_angel_clark_show_1

Click on the latest episode – it will also play through your smartphones!

Radio Freedom is on Monday – Friday from roughly 7-9 pm EST (I normally start at about 7:05). Each episode is 121 minutes long.

To call Radio Freedom while the show is live – simply call 302-569-9992

If you are calling while the show is off the air, it will go straight to a voicemail.

We have very few rules on the show. Radio Freedom is FCC Free! This means you can say what you want!

I will not, however, tolerate negative remarks about WGMD. This includes negative statements regarding any of my fellow co-hosts at WGMD. They are my employer and I love my job! Please remember that when they do well, I do well (and vice versa)!

The Angel Clark Show will be on 92.7 FM on Saturdays from 3-7 pm EST and Sundays from 5-9 pm EST.


If you want to know about advertising on Radio Freedom – call 302-569-9992 and leave a message. Someone will return your call within 24 hours!


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