9-12 Delaware Patriots – Russ Murphy Needs Your Prayers – Email update

I received this email a few moments ago.  The punctuation has been changed so it will all fit in the screen on WP.

This is all that I know.  Calls will be accepted about this during the show this evening as well as on the podcast as news is released. Monday-Friday 7-9 pm EST

 9-12 Delaware Patriots
9-12 Delaware Patriots 
Sept 11,2011 


Dear Fellow Patriots,

Friday, Russ Murphy, our Executive Director suffered a stroke.

His family is with him in the hospital and he is resting comfortably.

Please keep him in your prayers.





To help Russ and his family, we ask the following:


1. For now, the hospital asks that visits be limited to family members only.

2. Theresa Garcia, Operations Director, will be the Point of Contact

for all 9-12 DePat official business and emails and will pass

messages on to Donna for Russ. But we ask for your help to

limit emails for updates, as we will send out updates as we receive them

and need to keep the emails from overwhelming us.

Theresa’s email istgarcia123@aol.com .




3. Please do not email or call Russ.

We will let you know when he is ready to receive them again.

This will help him keep his email and voice mail boxes from getting full

and overwhelming him when he gets home.

4. If you would like to send him a get well card,

please send to the below address and we will ensure that they get to Russ.

Or, bring to the Thursday meeting in Millsboro

and we will deliver all letters on Friday.

Russ Murphy

c/o Theresa Garcia

1320 West Drive

Magnolia, DE 19962

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots will continue to operate as normal.

We will have the Millsboro meeting on Thursday, Sep 15 as scheduled.

We look forward to seeing you the meeting.

Theresa Garcia, Operations Director

9-12 Delaware Patriots


One thought on “9-12 Delaware Patriots – Russ Murphy Needs Your Prayers – Email update

  1. Sorry to hear about Russ. Sure hope that no money from our country is going to pay his bills!!! Because we all know that would piss him OFF !!!!!!!



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