How biased is your media? A look at the headlines following the CNN & Tea Party Express Debate

As I watched the CNN & Tea Party Express Republican debate last night, I made a few predictions regarding what the media would be talking about today (the day after).  It seems the media has, for the most part, become quite predictable…

My predictions were quite public as we listened to the debate during my show on Radio Freedom ( while people in the chat room added their opinions and I added my own opinions using my microphone.

I thought that many news sources would be focusing on Romney vs. Perry, Newt vs. Perry, and the limited amount of attention Bachmann received (partly because of her recent drop in the polls).  It seems I was only partially right, it was “Flash Mob vs. Perry”.

You can listen LIVE tonight – and share your own opinions – Monday – Friday from 7-9 pm EST is there for your listening pleasure!

Here’s a few images of the headlines running around on major news sources today:

Out of the Washington Examiner, is it just me, or do Perry and Romney look alike?

Their email update includes many of the same titles:

There’s a name you may not recognize in there, but it’s ok, it’s mainly about hecklers and booing.

Out of – regarding Bachmann calling Perry out on his stance on the HPV Mandate.

Out of – In fact, check out the headlines on their homepage right now!

Rick Perry’s pain is Mitt Romney’s gain

– It’s important, I wanted to share it twice…

Discuss whether or not “Romney has drawn blood from Perry” at “The Arena“!

In the debate widely seen as her last chance to stop her presidential hopes from fading into obscurity, Michele Bachmann bought herself some time.

Her aggressive performance in Monday night’s CNN/Tea Party Express debate put the Minnesota congresswoman back in the story of the 2012 campaign — at least for now.

Who says that she’s out of time? Who said that Governor Gary Johnson was out of time? A CNN poll two weeks ago showed him tied with Herman Cain and ahead of Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman. Yet Governor Gary Johnson wasn’t at the CNN debate last night…

Wait, SEVEN Takeaways? Weren’t there EIGHT candidates on the stage?
Rick Perry said he was “taken aback” by some of the debate crowd reactions in Tampa, and he brushed back Michele Bachmann for yoking the HPV vaccine to mental retardation – a statement that was similar to now-debunked claims about vaccinations and autism.

Once again, members of the media decide someone’s standing…

How did these guys get on Politico? OH, it’s about Kurt Cobain

Check out this piece on regarding the Perry & Romney “jabs”!

Then there’s this piece in the Washington Times about Perry & Romney “jabs”!

WAIT – these two pieces look an awful lot alike…

They were written by different people, but somehow have almost even the same titles…

This writer for the Washington Examiner seems to remember that there other whispers and rumors out there about potential candidates that haven’t jumped into the presidential race yet.

The New York Times points out that Romney is a viable candidate!

The Blaze points out that Sarah Palin isn’t in the race yet.

Business Insider reminds us that Romney is up and coming!

Drudge hits Perry, Bachmann, & Palin

These guys just hit Paul, repeatedly, in the face…

Charlie Spiering of the Washington Examiner predicted last night that many on the left would be focusing on this “heckler” today – It seems he was right. Have you been to the Huffington Post today?

What do you tell a guy who is sick, goes into a coma and doesn’t have health insurance? Who pays for his coverage? “Are you saying society should just let him die?” Wolf Blitzer asked.

“Yeah!” several members of the crowd yelled out.

Paul interjected to offer an explanation for how this was, more-or-less, the root choice of a free society. He added that communities and non-government institutions can fill the void that the public sector is currently playing. has the following political headlines today.  In fact – there’s this one piece highlighted by them:

This piece has an update on how Perry did in the debate, Romney, Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich, Huntsman, a slight mention of Cain, and Perry. also had a poll today about the debate. Of course, they don’t want to know who you think won, they just wanted to know if Perry’s roll as “front-runner” was solidified last night!

This poll seems pretty straight forward, right? I wonder if Rick Perry will still be called the “front-runner” by the media if people overwhelmingly vote “No”…

Hmph – well, it says right there it’s “Not a scientific poll”…

The Wall Street Journal has a poll today too! Maybe this one will be more “scientific” and point to Perry as the “front-runner”

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney clashed from the opening bell of a Republican presidential candidates’ debate, challenging each other on job creation, health care and Social Security in pointed exchanges that signaled their burgeoning rivalry is likely to dominate the contest in the months ahead. Mr. Perry’s entry has rattled Michele Bachmann, who previously drew frontrunner buzz.  What do you think? Which candidate is emerging as the strongest contender?

(I would have missed this poll entirely as I am not a paid subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, but my picked it up…)

Wait a minute, this poll is titled:

Following the debate, who do you now see as the Republican front-runner?

and the only options are Bachmann, Perry, Romney, or Someone Else??? There are more than 3 people declared in the race, in fact, there are more than 8 people in the  race…

What are the WSJ responses?

It seems a lot of people want “someone else”, whomever that could possible be… Oh, wait, there’s a list that I published months ago… a few things have changed, but it has much more than 3 people on it…


One thought on “How biased is your media? A look at the headlines following the CNN & Tea Party Express Debate

  1. I wish I’d taken a screenshot, because I swear CNN had a poll right after the debate that only listed Perry, Romney, and Bachmann, with no “someone else” or “other” option. I tried to find it just ten minutes later and it was gone. I guess they thought that be too obviously biased and yanked it down. Interesting that basically no major media sites like Fox, CNN, or others are including polls after this debate all of the sudden isn’t it? Since the wrong person keeps winning the polls every time by a landslide, it’s better just to not have polls.


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