Adam Kokesh to be on the Angel Clark Show tonight!

Yesterday I spent hours discussing this video:

When we started talking about the video with Eddie Free (the Liberty rockstar who filmed the video) roughly 6,000 people had watched it.  This morning the video has over 100,000 views and has been picked up by some pretty major sites! (Including Infowars & the Drudge Report)

Adam Kokesh called my show last night to talk about the video, but unfortunately we only had a few moments before the show was over. He agreed to talk to us tonight on Radio Freedom about this video and the inspiration behind it Also, check out his site where he will soon be launching a new show!)

Listen LIVE tonight! Go to (we’re live Monday through Friday from 7-9 pm EST)


(I got your emails! And no, the Gary Johnson interview is not on youtube yet, I’m working on it! Listen to the archive for now and I’ll do my best! Kitteh has a vet appt today and we’re both a little nervous…)


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