Liberty Activists need your help! (Or your tax dollars will go towards keeping people who sold lemonade without a permit in jail)

Have you heard the story here?


Here is a bit of background:

Selling lemonade is not a crime, but selling it on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol is, which is why, police say, three people were arrested Saturday for running a lemonade stand on Capitol grounds.

U.S. Capitol Police did not immediately confirm the names of the three people arrested, but the Facebook page linked to “Lemonade Freedom Day” says they were Meg McLain, Will Duffield and Katherine Dill.


There is an official Lemonade Freedom website where the most recent story includes an outreach event:

On October 4th Will Duffield, Meg Mcclain, and Kathryn Dill, appeared before court and pleaded NOT GUILTY to their charge of “vending without a permit”. They also refused a urine sample as condition of release and as a result are in contempt of court and face an additional 6 month sentence. They have committed no crime, they are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. No innocent person should be forced to submit a urine sample randomly. Please come support them at court, we must let everyone know this is intolerable. We can not sit idly by and let the government set a precedent that a person is guilty until proven innocent.

Monday, October 24 · 7:30am – 11:00am

7:30am- Fully Informed Jury Association Outreach
8:15am- Press Conference
8:45am- March into Courtroom 314

Please join on the Facebook Event page:


Watch the video where police officers tell children that they should simply TAKE the lemonade from these activists instead of paying $0.10 for it…


So, here’s the lowdown, these activists need money to get a lawyer. There are updates about their recent appearance in court available here:

The judge, prosecutor, and our “lawyers” began moving forward with the proceedings.  The “lawyers” entered our “not guilty” pleas without even asking us our names, let alone our plea.  The the prosecution requested we be required to go through the approval process for the deferment program, which the judge approved of.  She stated we would be banned from the capitol grounds; we would be required to take a drug test that day, and continue weekly drug testing along with a substance abuse program (that we would have to pay for out of pocket, or get tax payer funding if we couldn’t afford it).  It was at this point we all spoke up, despite having been warned not to talk; because these terms were unacceptable to us.  We didn’t want to be part of this program, and didn’t see how they could demand we be tested for drugs when we were arrested for selling lemonade.  After another stern talking to from the judge, she allowed us to leave the courtroom so our lawyers could get us to stop acting up in court.


I skipped going out last night! It was a Saturday night and I didn’t go and hang out with my friends! Why? Partially because I’m broke, (it’s taking all of my extra funds to buy sound equipment for the podcast) but also because instead of buying a beer I donated $5 to the Lemonade Lemonistas.


I know, $5 isn’t a lot, it’s a “Footlong” at Subway, depending on your state, it may not be a pack of cigarettes, it’s a large energy drink *insert your brand here*, but it adds up.  Instead of getting an extra slice of pizza, donate!

If enough of you donate small amounts (because we all understand that times are tough) than these activists will be able to afford lawyers.

Or do you think an effective use of your tax dollars is to spend tens of thousands of dollars keeping people in jail for selling lemonade?





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