Video Vigilante or Peeping Tom? Brian Bates of JohnTV Videotapes Strangers having Sex

Imagine if someone followed you around with a camera on a regular basis.  You asked this person to leave you alone but they are persistent.  This person took images and recordings of you and than sold the recordings to TV production companies.

Would you ask for some of the profits from the person who is following you around?

Now imagine if the person who is following you around and recording you is actually recording you engaged in sexual acts. Someone out there is recording you having sex without your consent and selling those recordings to TV production companies!

Are you upset yet?


No, you see, it’s ok that Brian Bates is recording these people having sex because he’s recording prostitutes!  They are engaging in sexual acts “illegally”.  I stumbled upon a piece via MSNBC and Reuters that I would like to share with you (let’s try to read between the lines together).

For a man who surprises prostitutes and their customers with a video camera to announce, “You’re busted, buddy,” Brian Bates is remarkably unscathed.

No visible scars, no missing limbs.

After 15 years of exposing, documenting and railing against street prostitution in Oklahoma City, Bates is known as the “video vigilante.” It’s a moniker the local TV stations hung on him years ago after they noticed recurring police reports about a man making prostitution complaints with videotaped evidence.


It seems the Community Watch program has changed.  Are they now encouraging people to interact with “criminals”?


He initially hated the nickname, but he now uses it in the videos he uploads to YouTube, where they find an audience of millions.

He prefers to call himself a “commercial activist.”

Commercial, because he makes money selling the licensing rights of his videos to TV production companies. Activist, because he’s a loud and relentless voice in the ear of police, elected officials and society at-large about what he sees as the mostly ignored ugliness of street-level prostitution.


Let’s look at that line again, shall we?


Commercial, because he makes money selling the licensing rights of his videos to TV production companies.


The article online discusses much more regarding the method used by Brian Bates.  I won’t go into all of it (as you may easily read the entire piece yourself) but there were a few lines that struck me as interesting:


Bates explains it this way: Some people want to save the whales; he wants to dissuade street prostitutes and their “johns” from the public spectacle of sex-for-pay; if it’s behind closed doors or arranged online or by phone, he doesn’t care.


It seems that Brian Bates doesn’t have a moral issue with prostitution, just with the people that can’t afford a more private place than inside their vehicle.


His methods are simple. He lurks around an area of south Oklahoma City known for prostitution, waits for a prostitute to hop into the vehicle of a customer and follows the pair discreetly to their assignation. He waits for the right moment to pounce, flinging open the driver’s side door to announce, “You’re busted, buddy.”

He says it’s a “rush.”


It’s interesting, he’s been doing this for 15 years.  I wonder if he gets that “rush” every time he pounces?  You know that some people claim you can become addicted to adrenaline, right?


Unlike  other addicts whose behaviors are socially frowned-upon, adrenaline addicts are often praised for their frantic activity, even promoted for it during their careers.  And so they often wear their problem like a badge of honor, failing to see it as an addiction at all in spite of the pain it causes.


But back to the Reuters piece –


Before Facebook, Bates would sometimes deliver a videotape to the home of a john, telling the man’s wife she needed to have a talk with her husband. Now, through Facebook, he’ll send a video link to each person on the john’s friend list.

“You couldn’t believe the number of johns who have Facebook pages,” Bates says. “Everyone they don’t want me to contact is their friend on their Facebook page.”


I notice here the constant use of “johns”.  “Johns” is the term for the people who are engaging in sexual acts with the prostitute.  It seems that Brian Bates is surprised that people who engage in consenting acts with prostitutes are on Facebook.  Should these “johns” be legally allowed to drive on our streets, use our grocery stores, or even send their children to our schools?


The police told the neighborhood association to write down license plate numbers of suspicious cars, but Bates thought stronger action was needed. He caught a high school principal and a prostitute in a school van near his home and made a formal complaint, he said.

A jury found the man not guilty after the defense attorney called Bates a misguided “wannabe cop.”


I have one last tidbit to share with you this afternoon. I decided to engage Brian Bates in a discussion regarding his behavior (behavior which would never be considered acceptable if the persons involved weren’t prostitutes and “johns”).  I sent him a tweet or two, and I will share the discussion with you here.

It seems that Brian Bates thinks talking, blogging, and going to and organizing protests does not an activist make.  He is entitled to his opinion, but please know that I think you all do plenty!  I encourage you to promote the cause of liberty through words (written or spoken) whenever possible!

Apparently there is a moving video attached to this tweet – you may watch it if you wish.

I asked Brian Bates to tell me more about this “rush” and this was his response.

“Catching the bad guy who preys on your community is a rush. Especially in a state where lots of people are armed.”

I asked “who is ‘the bad guy” and have yet to receive a response.

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Brian – you have an open invitation to come on my show any time and discuss why you think it’s appropriate to profit from videotaping people engaged in sexual activity.  What’s the definition of prostitution again?


7 thoughts on “Video Vigilante or Peeping Tom? Brian Bates of JohnTV Videotapes Strangers having Sex

  1. I stumbled on a video of his on YouTube where he follows 2 girls around to multiple locations. Writes snippets of texts at the bottom of what they are doing (doesn’t say allegedly) and then runs up to cars and records people engaged in sexual acts (at least just the ones he uploads, who knows how many he approaches who are talking or whatever)
    If you ask me this is what he is doing-
    1) stalking (the clear definition for stalking in OKC defines following someone without their knowledge or consent)
    2) Libel.
    3) illegally recording pornography.

    Then he sells these clips and gets a profit? He is preying more on these prostitutes than the “John’s” ever will! There was a girl who was caught in his film and turned her life around and got a job but one of her coworkers found the clip online and she lost her job and now she’s afraid to get any job due to someone might find the clip. So is he helping anything? Maybe one block of his neighborhood. Is he hurting anything? Yes- more than he will ever realize.
    I didn’t know it was so easy to become judge jury and executioner.


  2. Dickhead asshole cocksuckers like Brian Bates are the reason prostitutes get abused by illegal security guards known as johns. Otherwise they’d get professional regulated security guards. It’s also fucked up how many relationships this man destroys. If hell exists Bates and his gossiping ass is definetly going there. Holland has legal prostitution and far less STD’s than us. Same can be said about many countries where prostitution is legal. Fuck this guy.


    • It’s likely that he will get hurt or killed one day pulling off this retarded stunt of his. Or a bigger dickhead than him might try to hurt his family in revenge (i.e. set his house on fire or something).


  3. Could someone tell me, how is it legal for him to make a profit if he isn’t blurring faces? I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure if he’s making money from it he needs every person’s consent.


    • The consensus is that your rights end where you infringe upon the rights of others.
      Hooking is illegal bc hookers usually do it to finance their drug addictions. Dealers then use this money to pay their suppliers who then use this money to buy guns and assault weapons( sold to them by the US government, see ”fast and furious”). the point is that ”johns” have essentially waived their right to privacy by infringing upon the right of the people to err, umm… I don’t know what right of the people ”johns” are infringing upon. this is stupid.


  4. Brian Bates is infringing on peoples privacy. He attacks them with his camera and verbal taunts. He is not a cop, and has absolutely no legal right to film and or stalk another human being.

    Some of these “Johns” are normal people, they may visit a working girl for a myriad of reasons, who are we to judge? If two people consent to sex, how is that hurting anyone? I always thought for there to be a crime, there has to be a victim. The only victims I see in his peeping tom videos are the men that have their life ruined all because Mr Bates wants to make some money. As for the girls being portrayed as victims, they have a choice, they choose to be there, most want to be there.

    I really hope Karma bites this prick on the ass some day, I’ll bet one day he’ll tape his own demise.

    For the record I live in a Country where prostitution is legal, we don’t have any dramas like this, FFS legalize it and you will most probably see most of the street hookers dissipate.


  5. This Brian Bates guy. . . films people for his own pleasure and to make money. His life isn’t any better because he makes other peoples’ lives worse. He is a greedy ass motherfucker that deserves to die in a fire.


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