RJ Harris, Libertarian running for President, to be a guest on The Angel Clark Show

RJ Harris is scheduled to be on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom Thursday, October 20, 2011.  This is just days before a scheduled Libertarian debate!

A major feature of the convention is a candidate forum featuring several of the announced presidential candidates seeking the Libertarian Party‘s nomination for President of the United States. Forum particpants are going to be: Roger Gary from Texas, Bill Still from Virginia, R. Lee Wrights from Texas, Carl Person from New York and R J Harris from Oklahoma.

You can learn more about RJ Harris on his website.

RJ is a University of Oklahoma graduate in Philosophy and attended University of Oklahoma College of Law. He is a Constitutional Libertarian and a prominent leader in the nation-wide grassroots Liberty Candidate movement having run a vigorous 2010 campaign for Oklahoma’s 4th U.S. Congressional District against incumbent, (R). Tom Cole. RJ has appeared on Fox News’ Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, before numerous Tea Party candidate panels and been the featured guest on conservative/libertarian talk-radio/blogger talk programs across the country.

Endorsements for RJ’s 2010 U.S. Congressional Campaign include: Senator Rand Paul, Mr. John Dennis, Ms. Debra Medina, the Republican Liberty Caucus, the Oklahoma Conservative PAC and grassroots Tea Party organizations from across Oklahoma. RJ is also a proud a son of the Kiowa Nation located in Carnegie, OK. His father, Dr. RichardMichael Settainte (White Bear) Harris, is the Physician for the Kiowa People. RJ’s mother is Deborah Jill (Rochelle) Barnes; a retired business executive residing in Casa Grande, AZ along with RJ’s Step-Father Mr. Sam W. Barnes; a Musician and retired Sales Rep. RJ has been married to his wife Jennifer for 20 years and they flourish together in Norman, OK along with their five children; Mercedes, Georgia, Wyatt, Peyton and Braxton.

Learn more about RJ Harris and his stance on the “issues” here!

Economy : Jobs : Spending : Budget Deficit

End all foreign aid, eliminate deficit spending, DO NOT raise the debt limit or taxes, audit the Federal Reserve, restore a constitutional gold and silver currency, eliminate all unconstitutional social welfare (Except for Medicare and Social Security since those are debts we are now forced to pay until we can safely phase them out. ), eliminate all unconstitutional federal agencies and consolidate those that remain for greater efficiency. End the expeditionary wars and return all Army and Air Forces to the United States. With the socialism and interventionism eliminated from the budget, along with the taxes required to pay for them, investment and industry will return to our shores faster than ever they left and we will see the greatest economic recovery in the history of nations. This return to prosperity will ensure that we are able to repay the massive debts incurred by the Republic before the passing of the current generation.

Proper Role for the Federal Government

Protect individual Liberty and state Sovereignty. Provide for the common Defense of the Republic. Conduct foreign policy. Regulate (make regular NOT infringe or prohibit) foreign and interstate commerce.

Our Education : Smarter Children and Choices

Article I section 8 allows the Congress to provide for the general welfare “of the United States,” not individual citizens thereof. Education is an individual welfare and as such it is supposed to be left to the states or the people to provide in accordance with the 10th Amendment which leaves all such powers to the states or the people respectively. Thus, I will work for the elimination of the Federal Department of Education and to send all of its funding back to the states. Complete privatization, vouchers, charter schools and other education initiatives are issues for the state legislatures NOT the Congress. None of this should be construed or interpreted against GI Bills or student loan repayments for service in the Militia, Navy or Marine Corps. The Republic needs educated professionals to provide for its common Defense and a like for like exchange is NOT charity or welfare…it is commerce.


The 1st and 9th Amendments protect the freedom of Citizens to marry whomever they choose. And since the Constitution was intended to constrain the Government, not We the People, I am not in favor of an amendment or legislation which abridges this freedom in any way.

4th Amendment : Right to Privacy

I will direct the Department of Justice to cease all domestic spying on We the People and I will work to nullify the USA Patriot Act. Any Government Official claiming that it is not possible to provide for the common Defense while upholding the Constitution at the same time should be considered unqualified to hold Office by We the People.

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