Jon Moseley comments about the Christine O’Donnell lawsuit

I was once again sent this email. I will just share the email with you so that you have the same information that I do:

Fairfax, Virginia (October 26, 2011) — Jon Moseley provided the following comment about news today of a lawsuit over his work for ‘Friends of Christine O’Donnell.’

“Contrary to the impression left by news reports, ‘Friends of Christine O’Donnell’ filed a unique Delaware legal request asking for a ‘declaratory judgment’ in Delaware’s Court of Common Pleas.   Neither ‘Friends of Christine O’Donnell’ nor Jonathon Moseley have claimed any fault or wrong-doing by any one.  Unfortunately, the public often has a very negative impression of any lawsuit, even when people simply have a question that needs an answer.”

“The O’Donnell campaign filed a special kind of Delaware lawsuit that simply asks the Court: ‘Tell us whether we owe the money or not.’  Contrary to how this has been presented in the news, what the lawsuit actually says is that the Treasurer needs to know what is legally required.  As it was explained to me during an in-person negotiation in lawyer Rich Abbot’s office, a campaign cannot give a gift to someone.  The campaign is not allowed to pay money unless it is appropriately and legally owed.  The question was raised about the statute of limitations.  The only way that can get decided is having a judge decide.”

“So concern exists that if money is not actually owed under the law, the Treasurer would be acting improperly by making a payment.   Rapidly evolving work arrangements — while the 2010 campaign staff was disbanding after the campaign was over — apparently may have created very different understandings of what was intended with little time to stop and talk about it. Although I have my own view, I can understand why miscommunication and rapidly-unfolding events gave some people a different expectation.  But again, there is no implication of anything wrong by anyone, but questions about what legal technicalities.

“From what I have seen over 8 years, Christine O’Donnell is 99% good and an awesome person, a better person than I am, and one of the smartest people I know.  Christine could read ‘backgrounders’ on a totally new topic and two hours later debate the top expert in the country on that new topic on national television.  Her campaign speech at the Wilmington Riverfront at the end of October 2010 was absolutely flawless. I was floored. However, she does not consider it the best use of her time to attend to administrative details and relies on others who sometimes let her down on administrative details.  Some details do get lost.”

“Friends of mine who also know Christine asked me during the 2010 general election: ‘Do you really think Christine would make a good U.S. Senator?’ Yes, as I must honestly repeat now, I am convinced that Christine O’Donnell would have and still would make an excellent U.S. Senator. I would be lying if I said anything different. Her strengths are with policy, debate, presentation, and persuasion. I do not know of any one alive who would be better as a legislator than Christine, even now. Christine O’Donnell is a ‘magnificent communicator’ and among the smartest women I have met. But putting together a good ‘hands free’ administrative structure, which will allow her to focus elsewhere, is something Christine is still pursuing.  She has wanted for as long as I’ve known her to have a team who will allow her to maximize her talents.  I would note that chasing this elusive goal is one of the dominant, persistent discussions among management gurus, consultants, and experts.”

“Comparing my interactions with Christine over the last 8 years, I (finally, slowly) realized how much the cruel, false, juvenile, mocking, and unfair attacks and insults have taken their toll.  Christine has taken this abuse far better than most people ever could.  Yet I can see how she responds a little differently than I remember.  My own faults and poor communication, dealing with my own issues, aggravated a tense and uncomfortable situation. While debating pros and cons of possible actions, there are a lot of tough words I wish I could go back and change.”

“I look forward to having a court or some decision-maker give clear direction to the lawyers and advisers, so that we can quickly retire this issue, and unite in electing conservatives to the White House, Congress, and state legislatures in 2012. I much rather enjoy debating with liberals than with each other.”

“I also want to correct and clarify any mis-impression:  The work I am seeking payment for was not about Christine’s book.”



This is the email in its entirety.


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