Two lawsuits – Christine O’Donnell and Jon Moseley and the Huffington Post

Jon Moseley is apparently suing Christine O’Donnell:

In Wednesday’s News Journal….Christine O’Donnell is in a legal dispute with a former campaign worker who claims he wasn’t paid in full.
Virginia attorney Jonathan Moseley has demanded $18,250 for work and expenses this year and in 2008 for the former Delaware Republican Senate candidate, according to a declaratory judgment complaint O’Donnell filed last week.

Jon must be busy because he’s also suing the Huffington Post.

I was sent this email a few hours ago:

The fight against the liberal JOURNO-LIST and left-wing media continues with a new lawsuit filed by Jonathon Moseley, who previously exposed lies against Christine O’Donnell.  (Moseley’s work with Christine O’Donnell has been concluded and he seeks other clients in Virginia and on non-State-specific matters.)


Fairfax, Virginia (October 26, 2011) — A “Bill of Particulars” detailing a lawsuit against The Huffington Post by reporter and author Susan Bradford was filed today in the Fairfax County General District Court in Fairfax, Virginia.   The trial in the case will be scheduled on November 7, 2011, expected to be a half-day trial in January 2012.
In June 2008, The Huffington Post reviewed Susan Bradford’s work and offered her $12,000 for a series of articles on the topic.  (Bradford had asked for $15,000, but shook hands — literally — on $12,000.)

Investigative reporter SUSAN BRADFORD claims to have discovered the surprising news of how, in her account, false allegations against Jack Abramoff had been spread by Senator John McCain (apparently in retaliation for campaign tactics in South Carolina) and jealous lobbying competitors to Jack Abramoff’s nouveau empire in the lobbying sphere.  Susan Abramoff contends that the Native American tribes who Abramoff was said to have cheated reject those accusations.

However, when Susan Bradford submitted the final series of articles, she was told the deal was off.
Then, a few days later, The Huffington Post published the same exclusive news scoop revelations under someone else’s name.
So Susan Bradford’s scoop was published — but she wasn’t paid for it.  Nor was she given credit for her work.
Susan Bradford is suing for the payment not received of $12,000.
The complete lawsuit “Bill of Particulars” can be downloaded from
Susan Bradford is the author of

Lynched!: The Shocking Story of How the Political Establishment Manufactured a Scandal to Have Republican Super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff Removed from Power.

Details on this will be shared when I have updates.


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