Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher has “altercation” with County Councilman Vance Phillips (Is it Election Season already?)

Rumors are circling like wildfire.  It seems the newly elected Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher reported an “incident” regarding County Councilman Vance Phillips last night to the Georgetown Police Department.

Here’s what I know:

According to the News Journal:

Christopher alleges he was hit with a pad of paper that Phillips threw during a meeting late Wednesday afternoon at county Republican headquarters.


According to the whispers on the blogs, there may have been a bit more that went down.

One humorous comment states that Vance misunderstood how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Good thing he picked Paper.

However an anonymous comment on another blog states the following:

[T]wo eyewitness tell me that the Sheriff was assaulted. This is nothing to laugh at. His eye is cut from the book and they both say Vance kicked him in the nuts!
Vance is being questioned by the GPD as we speak. This is the second incident where he has put his hands on someone. I watched him push Rakestraw around in the parking lot of DTCC during the Booth special election. Kicking someone in the balls is not a laughing matter!


Isn’t it interesting how there seems to be at least ONE anonymous comment on all these major sites saying that we should believe one elected official kicked another in their privates because the ANONYMOUS person heard about it. Sounds like a credible source…

WGMD has an audio clip stating that Jeff Christopher arrived at the Georgetown Police Department at roughly 5 pm.

It seems like an interesting situation. The Cape Gazette reports that some think Christopher wants to create a county police force.


Of course, I interviewed Jeff and Vance on my show a few months back. There was tension when they were in the studio together, but the two men shared one microphone.

Here is some audio of when Vance was in the studio and Jeff called up:


I guess a friend in politics is someone who will stab you in the front and throw a pad at you. Vance called Jeff a paper server in this interview, guess he had the roles reversed…

It’s also quite interesting that Jeff went to the police AFTER the altercation. If this was a situation that warranted police involvement why were they not called during the incident?

More details will most likely be forthcoming, but it seems likely to me that records of assault on an elected official would look bad during an election… And Vance has openly stated that he thinks Jeff is trying to expand the role of the Sheriff’s office a bit too much.


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