I want Gold and Silver food! Is this the best product that will most likely kill you? Edible spray paint FTW!

Now, I realize that this product is most likely horrible for you. I’ll be honest, I smoke the *gasp* cigarettes. I think I will be more than happy to risk some illnesses to try this. I want to eat the Golden Apple! OH! Gold BACON!

The possibilities are endless!

They claim (when you translate the German page to English) that this product is tasteless and odorless. So why get it?

So you can have a golden turkey with silver stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner!

I wonder if it dyes your mouth like lollipops…

I will most likely get this eventually. So I can try it.

Let’s be honest,  although the chicken looks sad and tiny (if that is a chicken), if you’re a fan of precious metals how much would you love to have a gold and silver dinner?

The red and blue are cool and very American,  but I really just want the gold and silver…


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