Jason Talley of Talley.TV to be on The Angel Clark Show

Jason Tally will be a guest on tonight’s show:

Jason Talley reports from the front lines of freedom and is an advocate for the victims of government violence. He finds common cause with those who work to replace the State’s perceived monopoly with a voluntary society that respects the principles of liberty, justice and peace.

Jason has been actively advancing the ideas of liberty for over a decade. He was the “Crasher-in-Chief” of the now defunct Bureaucrash Activist Network and left Washington, DC to “search for freedom in America” as the creator and crew member of theMotorhome Diaries.

In April 2010, Jason was the 806th person to move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. Soon after witnessing the State of New Hampshire’s ongoing war against peaceful people he invoked his right to revolution and is much happier being part of the Shire community.

Listen to the show live! Jason will be on at 8pm EST


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