John Papola scheduled to be on the Angel Clark Show 11/14/11


We all watched the Fight of the Century raps! If you didn’t watch them, now is your chance!

I am the agenda!

John Papola is an award winning producer/director in broadcast entertainment and marketing. He is currently a creative executive at Spike TV in their industry-leading brand group. He previously worked for MTV Animation series development and Nickelodeon’s on-air creative group. John graduated from Penn State University with a BA in film and video production.

The financial and economic crisis and a general concern for the future that comes with being a new dad, sparked an intense interest in economics and the business cycle. John was introduced to Hayek and the “Austrian” perspective on economics and the business cycle by reading Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson”. His reading and, in theory, his understanding has expanded with subsequent study.

John has his commute (and Russ Roberts via to thank for whatever economics understanding he purports to have. It’s amazing how much one can learn with 3 hours of public transit per day and an iPhone packed with audio books and podcasts. He’s still learning… and always will be.

Samples of his directing work are available on his web site

John blogs about economics and philosophy at

Learn more about John on his website.  Listen to The Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom Monday night! If you have questions feel free to submit them using the many avenues listed in the show archives!

Never underestimate the power of Twitter!



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