Fox and Friends actually talks about a Ron Paul media biased (w vid) because of Bachmann


Now, in all honestly, I doubt that they would have mentioned the fact that Ron Paul only received 90 seconds of talking time in the first hour of the CBS debate if it were not for the fact that Michele Bachmann was sent this fun little email…

As Michele Bachmann was complaining about a biased, in between a bit of misinformation regarding the killing of a dictator, it gives me the chance to emphasize something I mentioned yesterday. Letting these “left” media companies control the debates means that you’re letting the left decide the terms, issues, and times your potential candidates get to speak.

They have already decided you get Romney.

Chances are you’re been on this page for over 90 seconds already. Please sit quietly in the corner for the next hour and stop being so paranoid about a media blackout!


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