Lee Wrights to be on the Angel Clark Show tonight!

Lee Wrights is a Libertarian candidate for president who will be on The Angel Clark Show tonight!

R. Lee Wrights
R. Lee Wrights is founder and editor of LibertyForAll.net, America’s premier online libertarian newsletter.
Lee was born June 8, 1958 in Winston-Salem, N.C. and graduated from West Forsyth High School in
Clemmons in 1976.
Lee enlisted in the U.S. Air Force after high school, and served as a medical services technician at Seymour-
Johnson AFB, Goldsboro N.C. He was honorably discharged in 1981 with the rank of sergeant.
Lee earned a degree from Willmar College, Willmar, Minn. where he majored in history and journalism. After
college, Lee was a contributing editor for the Eagle News, a monthly political news and commentary
newspaper in Forsyth County.
In 2001 he began work as an editor of the Free Market Daily, a daily roundup of news and commentary e-mail
newsletter distributed by FreeMarket.net. When FreeMarket.net shut down suddenly in 2002, Lee joined a
group that began the Rational Review News Digest in order to insure that the freedom movement would
continue to be served by a daily web and email-based news and commentary roundup.
Lee has been an editor of the Rational Review News Digest, the freedom movement’s daily newsletter, ever
since. From 2005 to 2008, Lee also worked as editor of the Choice Channel for the International Society for
Individual Liberty.
He founded LibertyForAll.net with J. Michael Bragg in 2000. What began as a simple on-line forum for a
small band of patriots to exchange ideas has grown into an internationally respected circle of liberty-loving
writers and readers. LibertyForAll.net began as, and remains, a respected free speech publication where no one is turned away and no one is censored, true to their motto: “Let Your Voice Be Heard.”
As an editor for these online resources, Lee has focused not only on researching, compiling information,
editing and writing articles and news digests for the freedom movement, but also helping libertarians and
libertarian organizations make the most efficient use of websites, e-mail lists, e-letters and the other tools of
the new media.

Lee has been active in local, state and national Libertarian Party organizations since 2000. He has served as
secretary and chair of the Libertarian Party of Forsyth County, N.C. and was vice chair of the state Libertarian
Party for seven years. He also served as the LPNC ballot access director for two years.
Lee served as an at-large member of the Libertarian National Committee and was LNC vice chair for two
years. During his time on the LNC, Lee also served four years on the platform committee. He is currently a
member of the LP judicial committee, elected to that body by the 2010 national convention.
In Texas where he now lives in Burnet, Lee chairs the Burnet County LP and is the Senate District 24
representative to the Texas LP State Executive Committee. In 2008, Lee was campaign manager for the Mary
Ruwart for President Committee and in 2010, he managed Mary’s campaign for Texas State Comptroller.
Lee is president of the Foundation for a Free Society, a 501c3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting the principles of liberty, personal sovereignty, private property, and free markets in order to create a more free and prosperous society.
When he is not working for liberty, Lee works as the secretary and communications director for Sativa
Science, a pharmaceutical start-up company.

Listen to Radio Freedom tonight from 7-9 pm EST!

Radio Freedom News Network


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