Ben Howe needs our help!

It’s very rare that I ask my listeners and readers to click things. I am doing so now.

Ben Howe will be on the show tonight for a segment.

He’s a few days away from being a talk radio host – one that the people voted for!

If you like what we discuss, vote for him here.

Ben Howe lives in Tega Cay, South Carolina and is originally from Charlotte. He is married with four children, Mia, Abby, Colin, and Chloe. He co-owns a video production company and enjoys politics, video games, reading and movies.
His show would start off with politics and news every week, while having listeners call in and talk about what they would like to.

Imagine actually choosing who you’ll listen to instead of having the media bosses throw someone at you!

Listen LIVE tonight and show your support!  In order to vote for Ben you do have to register with WBT, but it’s a small price to pay for the chance to listen to someone you like instead another cookie-cutter talk radio host!


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