To summarize: The latest batch of “anti-Newt” sentiment

Today I was notified of a few Newt related tales.

The first was the statement that Michael Savage is offering Newt Gingrich$1,000,000 to drop out of the presidential election… (we all know that he won’t).

What actually may bug me more about this could be that Savage seems to be making this statement because he is that sure that Mitt Romney is the only person who can win in 2012 against Obama.

The second Newt tale that I saw was the story of Glenn Beck stating that he would considering voting for Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich.   Later on in the day I saw sent one of those fun spam emails telling me that there was another uber important post I just had to read over at Tea Party Nation written by Judson Phillips (founder of TPN).

The headline is:

“Glenn Beck supports Obama’s second term”

Isn’t it amazing how fickle people are? We all know that I am not a Newt fan, but I felt this should be shared.


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