Christine O’Donnell has endorsed Mitt Romney! – OUCH

Christine O’Donnell published the following announcement just after her appearance on Hannity on December 13, 2011 at 9:48 pm.


 I’ve been warned by many not to endorse because no matter who I choose, no doubt some will be upset. It is a difficult decision choosing between such great candidates, truly difficult. Yet, this race is too important to sit out. Additionally, we simply can’t afford to have the primary contest drag out the way it did in 2008. Unlike 2008 when the incumbent president was not a candidate, the longer the 2012 GOP Primary contest drags out, Pres. Obama continues to have a free pass and get away with campaigning from the Oval Office. The sooner we have a nominee, the sooner we as a movement can unite and get to the real task at hand; making sure Pres. Obama is a one-term president.

It is my hope that my endorsement of Gov. Mitt Romney will cause others to give him a second look. I have traveled the country and had countless conversations with conservative voters and it is clear to me that many are making judgments about Gov. Romney based on misinformation about his record. For me, this endorsement comes down to trust. I am endorsing Gov. Romney because I trust him to do the right thing. Small things reveal a lot about who he is and how he will lead. He has the strength of conviction to do the right thing regardless of opposition. This is evidenced by his veto of a Massachusetts bill that would have allowed the creation and destruction of human embryos. His veto was over turned, thus reinforcing my point. When confronted with the truth, Gov. Romney had the character to do what he believed, in spite of the strong opposition against him. At the same time, he had the humility to admit he is not always right and open to hearing other viewpoints without betraying his core convictions.
Gov. Romney has had the courage to stand up with some of the heroes of our movement. He was one of the first to jump into the Scott Brown/Tea Party race in Massachusetts. He endorsed Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley when it would have been safer politically to sit on the sidelines. And throughout my campaign, he was a voice of encouragement, urging me to fight for what’s right. In fact, the day after I won the primary in Delaware, after the Washington establishment had gone on national television to say that I had no chance, Mitt Romney was the first to not only encourage me but to contribute to my campaign and to tell me that it was a worthy fight. I didn’t receive that encouragement from anyone in the GOP establishment, but Mitt Romney took the time to urge me on.
Based on remarks Gov. Romney gave during speeches, debates and editorial board meetings, I truly believe he has a strong command of what it takes to turn our country around. Unfortunately, many of his opponents have misrepresented his words and his record. The charge has been led by President Obama’s attack machine, which has made no secret of their “kill Mitt” strategy.
But many conservatives have also taken a page from Obama’s talking points. I have found that one of the biggest concerns primary voters have about Gov. Romney – whether he is committed to fully repealing Obamacare – is unwarranted. Gov. Romney has pledged over and over that fighting to fully repeal Obamacare is his number one priority. He has articulated a clear understanding of how destructive Obamacare is to America’s freedom and economic stability. Gov. Romney has laid out a clear plan for how he will work with Congress as well as immediately issue Executive Orders to give waivers to the states, so that the bill is not destructive while the long process of repeal is taking place. He understands that, even as president, his powers are limited and fully stopping this bill will require commitment to a lengthy repeal process with Congress. You can disagree with him on how he went about getting health insurance for those in Massachusetts who were uninsured, but he has been clear from day one that he would never impose a national health care plan, but would allow the states to take the lead.
I hope that my fellow reformers will take a close look at my reasons for supporting Governor Romney and will give both his record and his vision for our nation another look. America needs a President that is not a Washington Insider. America needs a President who hasn’t been playing the game for the last 3 decades. America needs a President who can turn our economy around, put Americans back to work, and will lead with stability, integrity and the values that we hold dear. I am confident Mitt Romney will be that President.
God Bless,Christine O’Donnell


I like Christine as a person, but I can’t support her on this one… I understand her choice, I do, but to me, a vote for Romney erases all the work the Tea Party activists have done.


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