Skyrim Loophole! Get an extra follower!

I found a loophole/bug/glitch, whatever you would like to call it, that lets you get an extra follower in Skyrim.

It’s during a Thieves Guild quest – but it’s not a main story line quest, so you can easily continue on with the game and the guild!

The quest – Speaking with Silence, ends with you heading into Snow Veil Sanctum with Mercer. Your follower stays outside, but Mercer rolls with you inside. Mercer will not hold your gear, but he fights.

If you leave Snow Veil Sanctum after you’ve started the quest Mercer comes with you. Once you exit the Sanctum, you have both Mercer and whatever follower you had before the quest!

Again, Mercer won’t hold gear, but he fights! You can’t keep him throughout the whole story line of the game, but for a while, it’s nice!

Speaking with Silence outline:

 Speaking with Silence is the Thieves Guild quest which follows Scoundrel’s Folly. It is offered by Mercer Freyimmediately upon completion of the previous quest.

§  Prerequisite: Scoundrel’s FollyOverview

§  Quest Giver: Mercer Frey

§  Reward: N/A

§  Reputation Gain: N/A


§  Meet Mercer Frey outside Snow Veil Sanctum

§  Enter Snow Veil Sanctum

§  Find Karliah

§  Speak to Karliah


§  Meet Mercer outside Snow Veil Sanctum. Talk to him, and he will unlock the door. Enter it and cleave through the Draugr with him. There will be a Larceny Target on a trapped pressure plate, specifically theModel Ship which you can pick up and sell to Delvin for a leveled amount of gold (300-800). At some point you will encounter a locked puzzle door, which usually requires a claw made out of a specific material (eg.Ivory Dragon Claw). However, this time Mercer will open it.





2 thoughts on “Skyrim Loophole! Get an extra follower!

  1. Agreed, but you can use him as an extra follower for a while if you want. I used him for an area I wasn’t really leveled for yet.


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