I just got fired THROUGH Facebook

Yes, you read that correctly, I just got fired through Facebook. Not because of something I said on Facebook (as has happened) but through a Facebook message.

I can understand wanting to “take your programming in a different direction”, but is there a reason why employees no longer deserve a even a phone call when you cut off their income with no warning?

Talk radio is a competitive field (as I have also learned through Facebook)…

but I would expect some kind of professional behavior when actually terminating someone’s employment as opposed to simply changing their schedule around.

Why am I publishing this? I’m upset, believe that, and I may regret hitting the “Publish” button after I do, but I want every business owner out there to know that firing someone THROUGH A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE is extremely insulting.

I have worked for WGMD for almost a year without missing a single scheduled day. I was electrocuted on the air when the station was struck by lightening, I completed a 5 hour show with no phone lines and ringing ears because I couldn’t reach anyone higher up on the “totem poll” to tell me what to do. My boss answered one text message, but then ignored his cell phone. I worked Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. I’m not whining, I just think I should have AT LEAST gotten a phone call.

So, to sum up, as far as I know, I did nothing wrong. I responded to my former program director on Facebook and asked why my termination did not deserve a phone call, no response as of yet (although that was just 30 minutes ago). My online show will continue (there will most likely be a time change coming up on February 1st, 2012 for syndication purposes) and I obviously have to sell more ads for it as my supplemental income has just vanished (of course, ads are available, contact me for rates).  And for me, Facebook is no longer about social networking and playing games, it’s also a place that I can get fired through.

Understand, I am upset over being fired, but that is not why I am being so vocal about this. Programming can be tricky and of course, everyone has the right to pick and choose who they like for their station. My problem is the manner in which this news was given to me.

If you’re a business owner, please do not fire your employees through Facebook. It belittles them. You need to take at least 10 minutes out of your day and at least give them a phone call (if you don’t have the guts to tell them to their face). I now feel like less of a person because I don’t even deserve a phone call. No one else should have to feel like that.

UPDATE – 1/6/2012 – I’ve been getting a lot of questions, people who think that I must have been a broadcaster who bought their air time (some people do that, they buy their air time and then sell ads to pay for that time) or my show was syndicated and aired on more than just this one station. I was not that kind of employee. I called the income supplemental because I was part time, but that was my only job. I went to that station every weekend and broadcasted directly from their audio booth. I would like to profit enough from selling ads from my podcast (which I started after the last Facebook communication from my boss in August [at least he had the decency to apologize for the way he gave that news) but I haven’t made enough money from that yet to pay the bills.

My previous employee responded and told me he was being efficient… I guess he was out of the office when he sent the message so didn’t have my phone number in his cell phone?

Isn’t it nice to get fired efficiently?


45 thoughts on “I just got fired THROUGH Facebook

  1. I would have pretended not to notice the message and then showed up at the regularly scheduled working hours and when they ask you if you got the message, just say something about not living your life on FB.


  2. That truly sucks! If they are a ‘right to work’ state, they’re in violation of your civil and human rights. But, their ‘big brother attorneys’ will probably rake you over the coals if you fought it.


  3. I like Natalie’s idea.

    Angel, you did a great job on WMGD, and you deserved a face-to-face discussion about the station’s change of plans on both occasions. Maybe the Dover news-talk station could pick up your show.


  4. Do you want us to msg Dan Gaffney, and tell him how big your audience is, and we’ll miss your show. I just hope you havent burned any bridges by posting this


    • Trevor, I appreciate the offer, but the issue to me is not really that I was fired, I believe my career will continue. As a program director Dan has the right to make whatever decisions he would like to with his staff. My problem is the manner in which I was fired.


  5. On thing I can say is that Dan Gaffney’s doing this does not make me think any worse of him then I did before reading it. The man is a moral coward. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. He is a moral coward and lacks the manliness of a 5 year old hiding behind Mommy’s skirts because he’s afraid. What he’s afraid of, I don’t know. I do know I’ve never considered firing anyone with a phone call and darn well would never do something like that over FB. Terminating employment is a serious act. Doing it on Facebook trivializes it. I say boycott WGMD!


  6. Angel,
    I can’t even begin to imagine what would make Mr. Gaffney think that this is in any way an acceptable way to treat anyone let alone someone who actually made the radio worth listening to in this day and age. I think we all saw how well the FTL move worked for the station as they didn’t last very long other than filler content when someone goes on vacation. I hope that something better comes along for you and I now have to come up with a new station to set as my channel 1 Pre-program, because WGMD has lost another listener. I will continue to listen to your online radio show, best of luck to you.


  7. Was this posted on you wall, or was this through messenger. If this was posted on your wall, you probably have a tort claim against your former employer. If this is the case, give ma a holler!

    James Skyles


    • No, it was a personal message. I just feel this is an extremely unprofessional way to let someone go. I think I deserved better than that.


  8. Having spent almost 50 years on the air and certainly know of many ways to get fired, but this tops them all. This Gafney guy is at a small town station and has a small town mind. You on the other hand now have the freedom to look for bigger and better things. He doesn’t
    Believe me, if you are determined to be in the radio “talk” business, you will have to get used to a lack of loyalty and security. That said….I still would not trade it for any other industry.


  9. Being just a number to a company is more prevalent today that it ever was. You deserved more, but you don’t know his side. Forgive him and move on. You will be better for it. I know this from all the hate I have towards my former employers!


  10. I just started listening and this is very disappointing. I will continue to listen to the podcasts daily. You’d think – by now – I’d of heard of a Facebook-Firing, but I guess I haven’t. Probably because it’s incredibly immoral, unprofessional and would damage the relationship with the remaining employees and make it difficult to hire quality new employees. I’ve worked for a place where upper management won’t reply when a crisis unfolds. People like that have no passion or drive and they are there to collect a paycheck. Angel, you’re better off now. Maybe not immediately with income shortage, but eventually. Thank you for your passion and chosen path. A quality endeavor will open up.


  11. I just started listening and this is very disappointing. I will continue to listen to the podcasts daily. You’d think – by now – I’d of heard of a Facebook-Firing, but I guess I haven’t. Probably because it’s incredibly immoral, unprofessional and would damage the relationship with the remaining employees and make it difficult to hire quality new employees


  12. Lost my show the day I went on a planned vacation. The program director waited until I got off the air, then asked me to come into his office and told me they were going to a syndicated show. It sucked, but at least it was face-to-face.

    This guy sounds clueless and/or gutless. It’s not like you weren’t going to be someplace where he knew he could find you.


  13. Gaffney has always been rude and crude, but his recent firings of which now you are a party to amounts to nothing more or nothing less than cowardice in it’s truest form. We had him when he was in Milford and I lost track of him until someone told me he was at WGMD. I began to like some of the programming and slowly but surely began to cut back on my listening time as people were let go in the most un-professional managerial techniques I have been privy (45 yrs. of experience), Mr. Gaffney among other things is a total JACKASS!!!


  14. As a former radio DJ myself and one who has been let go because of station changes. I know that per the HR departments most times you have to have a face to face for it to be legal!!

    But agree wholeheartedly that on top of it all it is the most unprofessional, lazy and cowardly way to terminate a worker. Good luck with all you do. You haven’t really worked in radio till you been fired!!


  15. I want to thank Angel for letting me a part of her show on Sunday nights with the Economic reports. I will miss it, along with her great personality which inspired a ton of people in Delaware, and throughout the country.

    But frankly, she has the talent, knowledge, and persistence to find not only something new, but something much better.

    The radio biz is fleeting as a personality. My local conservative radio station in Phoenix changes programming and people ALL THE TIME (of course, they are Clear Channel lol), and even people like George Norry moved around ALOT for decades before getting Coast to Coast.

    So use this time to rest up, and build your other interests… you will be offered a better position in the field very soon.

    Ken Schortgen Jr
    Finance Examiner


  16. This is a first for me…Facebook Firing???? The methodology of firing you is what I would consider “bush league” to say the least. Feel honored that you’ve been fired and plan on a much bigger dream. Make him suffer with your success. I spent over 40 years in the industry 38 of them in the Majors..Boston, DC, Baltimore. I have been fired more than once and always moved on to something bigger and better. Angel, you will do the same. God Bless.


  17. We live in changing times, and so I find it interesting that in your post you mentioned “even a phone call” as a more professional way of handling being fired. I wonder if when the telephone was in the early stages of its life as a new technology, people felt dissed when called instead of someone “paying them a visit” to pass along information. And before that, damn the person who would send a letter or post something in the town square.

    Modern technology continues to baffle people. What was the reaction from people when you first told them you were starting a blog? I bet you had a lot of explaining to do. And now, they see it’s an effective form of communication, custom made for blowing off steam.

    There are some who might tell you that a conversation like this might best be kept among friends, rather than electronically transmitted over the internet, where most of the modern world could possibly see it. As it is, I found out about your issue (and I don’t know you or your boss)when it virally came to me on my facebook page, unsolicited.

    So, why is it okay for you to vent over the internet the transgression brought you, while being fired in a similar manner (technically he e-mailed you if it was a private message) is verboten? These are thiings we are working through as a society dealing with quickly emerging technologies.

    Now, even after having said this, I truly believe the bastard owed you a face to face if he is eliminating your show. Plain and simple.


    • True, True, True! I tried to explain previously that I have had 45 yrs. of managerial experience including 6 yrs as a squad leader in the U.S. Army Infantry. To inform someone that their job had be eliminated via FB seems to flaunt everything I was taught in my experience in the Army, the private sector and finally the State sector. I cannot imagine myself doing what Mr. Gaffney is reportedly to have done. I have always made a point of talking with my employees at various times during the year/or whenever that I was unsatisfied with their performance. Mr. Gaffney uses the lame excuse of saying that the station(WGMD) is going in a different direction without telling Ms. Clark what direction they were going in. I find it an affront to someone of her intelect.


    • In reference to not posting it, I disagree. It should be brought into the the public light to inform us that these things are happening and maybe, just maybe, some gutless turd will see it and think twice about being a coward and man up and do the right thing.

      This silly idea that we must never say something bad about a former employer in the public arena when we are mis-treated as an employee is bull crap. If business has no respect for it’s employees, it should be treated the same in return. Respect is earned, never demanded.


  18. Angel – I’ve heard your show a number of times, and to be honest was never a big fan, but I still listened. That being said, I gained a lot of respect for you (difference between liking a personality and respecting a personality) when I heard your last weekday show. I could hear that there was some anger in your voice, but you still showed up – did what you were asked to do, and did it in a professional manner. Then you took you new assignment, and did it the same way. To be let go in such a cold manner is completely unforgivable!!! Full disclosure, I once found out that I was fired on DCRTV, but that’s only because the rumor of the axe falling was posted there before my PD could call me… but he DID get to me on the list eventually… I was devastated, so I can only imagine how you feel. Good luck to you, and I hope you dont let this classless act sour you on the industry – there are plenty of other things that will piss you off with class! 🙂


  19. what a jerk. this is 100% unprofessional, as i’m sure he would agree if he gave a little thought to what his impression would’ve been if you’d decided to RESIGN via facebook.
    this is such a douchey move. i know it’s insulting and disappointing, but you’re probably better off for not working for this dude anymore. if it hadn’t been this, it would’ve been something else.
    best of luck to you.


  20. I got my retirement notice along with the rest of our morning team AFTER our Christmas show, on a December 19th. Firing by Facebook is a new low.


  21. I fired someone through facebook because they did not show up for their shift, they did not call, they did not answer either phone, but they were happily exchanging Ideas on facebook. So here’s an Idea: “You are fired!”


  22. Angel,

    As a 10 year WGMD listener, I am completely appalled (only one of many, many words I could use right now). A 5-second cost/benefit analysis tells me that I will no longer be listening to WGMD.

    THANK YOU for all you do for the cause of liberty! Your success story just took a turn for the good.



  23. WOW!
    I was just listening to WGMD this evening and wondered where you were. There was some strange person in your slot talking about how much he likes cartoons… WTF!!!!…
    I thought that you may have been out sick. Really, the “new” guy went on for at least half an hour “of my time” rambling on about some operation he had on his neck and the drugs they gave him and all of the cartoons he likes to watch while high!… Then I got the picture. I am stunned. I cannot believe it. And your “replacement” is a joke.
    I would like to say that I will begin listening on-line and I plan to patronize whatever your sponsors may be selling. You are the REAL DEAL, and just as I was giving up on the young in this country along comes some twenty-something girl on the radio who actually understands what LIBERTY is, really gets it and is just dripping with reason. But, no, apparently that isn’t good enough for GMD. They needed the “loony tunes” hour hosted by “Captain Mediocrity”. Maybe Dan Gaffney would be willing to sell me a bag of whatever he’s been smoking.
    -Charles, from Ocean City


  24. Angel,

    I am so sorry that you will no longer be broadcasting weekends. I looked forward to your live show with all the local calls and I will miss it. I wonder what the “new direction” might be but I probably will not be going along on that ride. (Might I mention that your week day replacement from some months ago didn’t seem to get nearly the same participation?!!I haven’t listened to him recently so perhaps the call #s have picked up.) I tuned in both last Sat. and Sun. to catch your show and just thought you were getting some time off. I hadn’t caught the beginning of the time period either day so if it was mentioned that you would no longer be on I missed it. I would be surprised if it was mentioned since I never heard any announcement when Duke Brooks left or when you moved to week ends. I always thought that was an odd way to handle programming changes. Yeah, Dan Gaffney is a “little radio man”.

    You will do fine with out WGMD. You are smart, well informed and best of all you are a good and respectful listener. Informative guests seemed to be readily available to you and your audience.

    You will get something far better. Now I am just going to catch you live more frequently on Radio Freedom and play catch up with the podcasts.


  25. I see that Gaffney said this to allaccess.com to defend himself:
    GAFFNEY tells ALL ACCESS, “Cancelling a host’s show in this way is certainly not standard practice, but in the case of this particular host it was her preferred method of business communication. We wish her well.”


    • You are correct. Mr. Gaffney does say that. As I said in the post update, my last Facebook communication with his was in August after I had my schedule changed, and he then apologized for his “blunt method”. If he felt the need to apologize, do you honestly think that was my preferred method of communication?


      • (Just to be clear, this is the Steve who posted in this thread earlier on Jan 8, not the Steve who just brought up Gaffney’s allaccess.com defense.)

        Angel, this still blows my mind. Total B.S. Discredits the station even further, IMHO. Rock on, girl.


      • Sorry…I was just putting that quote there because I thought others would like to see how the radio station is responding to the public about the situation…surely nobody expects to receive a pink slip or even to discuss any HR matter as serious as a termination via FB, or via electronic mail at all.


  26. If you’re going to be communicating with your employees via social media, you might want to think about learning basic grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. This Gaffney fellow comes across as a dullard, which I imagine serves to add insult to injury.


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