Making Lemonade out of Lemons! What happens AFTER you get fired through Facebook…

I have decided to make the best out of the situation I now find myself in. It can be quite scary to suddenly lose your income, especially with the current high unemployment rates.

I have recently found myself without my usual income so I now have to sell more ads for my podcast. I don’t need to make a lot, so every little bit helps. My podcast is growing in popularity and is aired on numerous stations throughout the country.

Most terrestrial stations charge thousands a month for advertising. But thanks to technology people are listening to podcasts! Smartphones and computers allow listeners to listen when they want, not just when you’re live!

I don’t need that much, so I can put out a call for my readers and listeners. Do you know anyone who may have any interest in affordable advertising which reaches a liberty-minded audience?

We have advertising packages starting at as little as $100 a month! Live reads can be done for as little as $25! If you don’t have a business, but you want to promote a politician or company that you like, we can do that too! (but I draw the line at Newt Gingrich ads, a girl has to have her standards!)

A package with advertising on either of my websites is also available!

So, can we get the word out? Also, since Facebook has been turned into a way to lose money for me, I’d like to turn it into a way to make money! In other words, share this on Facebook!


If you’re interested in an ad, give me a call! My studio number is 302-569-9992!


One thought on “Making Lemonade out of Lemons! What happens AFTER you get fired through Facebook…

  1. I’m a Ron Paul supporter who was a listener on your show on Sundays. Your show was a bright spot in their programming. Dons Open Source Radio was also good. I’ll be switching over to your podcast now.

    For years and years Sussex County has desperately needed a liberty minded bricks and mortar radio station to counter this Schumacher-Gaffney-Hocker axis. About 6 years ago Gerald Hocker had libertarian host Jim Walsh removed.

    People dont call it WGOP 92.7 fm for nuthin.

    I do not know what the costs would be (FCC license, transmitter), but I know there are alot of multi-millionaire farmers and land owners in this county. If any of them would be interested as investors out there, lets get a new radio station started!


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