Carl Person to be on Radio Freedom tonight!

Carl Person, a Libertarian running for President, to be on Radio Freedom tonight!


Carl Person is a nationally recognized attorney who has spent his career fighting for Libertarian causes. He is the only presidential candidate who has experience creating not just jobs, but new career fields to meet market needs. He is a pioneer of the paralegal profession and founded one of the first schools in the country to train paralegals. He worked with the City of New York to create another field which he called “assistant to small business owner,” in an effort to get people off welfare.

In his legal practice, Carl has been a leader in fighting government subsidies to large corporations, as well as corporate and government monopolies. He has been involved in several high-profile ballot access cases and is an outspoken critic of prosecutorial abuse. He currently is one of the leading foreclosure defense attorneys in the country.

Carl has been active in the New York Libertarian Party for nearly a decade. In 2010, he ran for New York State Attorney General and came in third, with the highest number of votes ever received by a Libertarian Party candidate for that office.

Carl served in the U.S. Army and is a graduate of Long Island University and Harvard Law School. He worked for three Wall Street law firms after graduating, including Mudge Stern Baldwin & Todd, which later accepted Richard M. Nixon as a partner. He has owned his own firm since 1968.

LISTEN LIVE! Starting tonight at 7pm EST!


One thought on “Carl Person to be on Radio Freedom tonight!

  1. Hi
    Rebecca Lara here
    You may already of heard how I was wrongfully foreclosed big time. I never would of thought what all that has came out and is known on so many different names turns of foreclosure fraud. 22 years plus living growing up same has been hell homeless now two plus years living in out of my. Car and driving to from 5 so calif counties two years looking for housing help but there’s none as I been told. And one year fighting doing every Dan program that they tell you to is looking at foreclosure and none were able to help nor see the crimes that went with my case
    I want justice served ! For all Americans
    I did call your office only your secatory said can’t help me(
    I received your your tube videos you gave highland address ca.
    I loved the one on motivating young adults in school to give them a gold something making money with out needing to spend thousands of dollars college. And they young adults I have came across today are just lazy!! Will not even say ill try no I’m not going to
    I’d help you just you Need to understand I’m extremely low limited income SSI disability poor under 950 a month homeless living in out of car it sucks at 55 53 I was put out to pasture. And no justice you know feb 2013 I found my exclusive grant deed that divorce judge ordered clerk of court to sign off ex and I was sole owner 1998. But took to march 2006 to complete and yes it goes with my original loan docs signed by myself ex others stamped with seal paid in full letter Washington mutual only I heard someone else said that they owned my home. Now they need to be punished who’s Linda green sounds like a San Bernardino low life honestly I never met as many my years here that were in Prision for scams its just sicking depressing and heard someone close did this to me. Judie’s taxes she did my docs for court signing I heard she was not to be trusted after I honestly am not sure cause I don’t know her
    I have receipts ever doc what would be needed to help my sealed federal case
    Because I am ignorant of knowledge on mortgage foreclosure laws I am punished more my case was not presented as it or I should sorry they are wrong I did nothing wrong they did and to honestly know I was out here crying writhing for help and leaving me out her sorry I believe that yes they owe me and my family to give at least some of my compensation shit what is what
    I read this then back to no after everything seems too good to be and ends up not
    I’m tired I can’t help you I can’t even get myself up out of this dam hole. It’s hard all alone put out to pasture by government action and my government did this how dare they treat one of their own so wrong unfair keep turning your their head away as if
    Big to fail sorry I’m sick if this false crime that I’m reading today. Plus who’s real and who’s just making a joke out of my comprehension and confusion not understanding I am not up to reading doing setting up computer I don’t like or know even how to
    Dam it can’t anyone call me met with me talk like a human being I am I ask tell only they don’t thanks if I’d win big I need a break with my family and to unwind fix up a home once again and yes I would be proud to help you with these young children who will be running this country one day


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