Lawrence Reed, Mike “RinoRemover”, & Angel Clark talk Privatization tonight!

Privatization vs Public Property. What’s the difference, and which do you prefer? Do you base your opinion on an economics, politics, property rights, taxes, liberties, or even transportation purposes?

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have our weekly Liberty Panel. Every Thursday we have a round table discussion where we talk about a different topic from a Liberty perspective.

Lawrence Reed

The Liberty Panel tonight will include Lawrence Reed, thePresident of the Foundation for Economic Education, MichaelRinoRemover of Facebook’s Capitalism, and myself. We will be discussing privatization in regards to the many aspects of life, including roads, bridges, etc.

Michael RinoRemover

Listen live tonight! The fun starts at 7pm EST


(You can also listen through iTunes later)

Listen to the FREE to air podcast

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