My new HTC Rhyme wouldn’t tether (PDANet or Easy Tether or ADB) – “No device to connect” but I fixed it.

I was so excited to get my new purple cell phone! The HTC Rhyme is a fun phone and comes with all these fun accesories (so far, I’ve had it for a day). I got my email accounts loaded, my ringtones set, and tried to get the tethering set up. Nope.

Out of the box

I use my phone for internet so I can’t not have tethering, but the tethering program wouldn’t recognize my phone!

It was actually a really simple solution after I spent 45 minutes with the guy in the cell phone store and another 2 hours searching and reading through forums. I figured I’d make it easy for you and tell you how I fixed it.

First off, much frustration could have been solved by (and don’t laugh) telling me that my new phone isn’t a 4G. I just kind of figured that most of the smart phones now are 4G, but this one is a 3G – therefore, PDANet and not Easy Tether. (These little details matter). 4G isn’t available in the area that I live, so it makes no real difference to me other than which tethering program to use. (If you haven’t used the tethering programs before here’s a pretty good intro into PDANet)

Also, here’s a video that explains how to install the PDANET

How to Tether Your Android Phone with PdaNet

And here’s a video that explains how to install the Easy Tether so you 4G users don’t feel left out

Another problem I encountered was which way to have the phone connect to my computer. No one explained this one to me. With my old phone you had an option to set the phone for “USB Tether” and that was that. With the HTC Rhyme you have 5 options when you plug your phone into the computer.

1) Charge Only

2) Disk Drive

3) HTC Sync

4) Internet Connection Mode

5) Internet Pass-through

You want “HTC Sync” (#3). The “Internet Connection Mode” redirects you to the Verizon Wireless Website and asks you to pay upwards of $30 a month. Wi-Fi Hotspots are another that you have to pay for (also, they can use a lot of data).

Also, make sure that you have the “USB Debugging” turned on. Head to “Settings” – “Applications” – “Development” – “USB Debugging” (make sure that’s ticked off).

So I realized that my “HTC Sync” option wasn’t working because there was some kind of disconnect between my phone and my computer. That disconnect had to do with the driver that was installed. Your phone has to connect through “ADB” in order to sync and get you internet.

I figured it out for my machine.  Windows was using an outdated driver which didn’t allow it to populate in the Device Manager.  I ended up using a USB scanner I use occasionally (USBDeview), which showed the device, finally (I don’t recall seeing it before re-installing the Verizon/HTC software for kicks).  Deinstalling then reinstalling with newer drivers seemed to have done the trick.  Good luck.

Here’s the link to the USBDeview – You can download it from here. (I found the following walkthrough which was super easy AND WORKED): It worked well for me by doing the following:

I unplugged all usb devices, then plugged in the Rhyme and launched the USBDeview app. I then unchecked Options->Display Disconnected Devices in the app, leaving me with just three devices showing in the list. I selected the one named “HTC Android Phone USB Device” and chose File->Uninstall Selected Devices. It told me I had to relaunch as admin, so I did that, and repeated those steps.

After it finished uninstalling it, I unplugged the Rhyme and plugged it back in, and Windows immediately began the “Installing drivers…” process. When it was done, adb saw the device.

After I did this and connected my phone through HTC Sync – it worked.

Hope this made it easier for you! Enjoy your new phone!


7 thoughts on “My new HTC Rhyme wouldn’t tether (PDANet or Easy Tether or ADB) – “No device to connect” but I fixed it.

  1. Next time call me. I would have walked you through rooting your phone, and you’d be running wireless tether for free in 15 minutes or less.


    • Hey Edward, do u think u can help me out w/ that whole rooting thing. Please…. I have been trying everything but don’t have the time to really do some research on it. And it wud really help me out, to have one less task in mind. Thanks in advance.


  2. I am having the same issue with my htc rhyme. I have done everything you said and it still isnt working. when i get to the part about uninstalling device it never tells me to relaunch and it never uninstalls either. i can figure out what im doing wrong 😦 ……..HELP!!!


  3. Thanks so much for the detailed post. I just got my HTC Rhyme and is having trouble with HTC as well. I download both HTC sync and HTC Sync Manager. Is the manager necessary at all? Does it have any special functions other than managing music and picture files? I feel like I have enough programs on the computer to do that already. HTC Sync is the program that we use to sync what music/pic files we have already on the computer with the phone right?

    I tried following through with the usbeview option. How do you run as administrator? I right-clicked on the .exe but I don’t see that as an option. I don’t use winrar very much so I’m not familiar with its options.

    I also tried downloading the driver directly from the link. But every time I open it, I get an notification of “Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file exists and writable.”

    Hope you can answer my questions. Thanks in advance!


  4. Do you have Windows 7? I was easily able to run as administrator using Windows 7. I also found that I never ever use the HTC Sync Manager


  5. It would be much simpler to go into device manager and unistall the driver and restart your computer like I did without installing any outside programs.


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