Can we save FreedomWatch?

I posted this on my site yesterday. Today, I woke up and saw headlines stating that we may be able to save FreedomWatch. Apparently the response from the public has been noticed.

So don’t stop! Call, email, and sign the petition!


Many times I have seen a news article and thought to myself “I can’t wait to see what The Judge has to say about this”. Sadly, now I won’t get to watch his responses to the articles that I find.

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s FreedomWatch has been cancelled.

Fox Business claims:

Judge Napolitano will continue his role on both FOX Business and FOX News, providing key legal insights surrounding the growing intersection between Washington and Wall Street.

As more and more Liberty-Minded shows are taken off the air I urge you to contact Fox Business and let them know how you feel about the cancelling of FreedomWatch.

FOX News Digital

Digital Media Sales
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 22 Floor
New York, NY 10036
(212) 301-5473

Fox Business Network
John McCann
VP, Advertising Sales, FBN
(212) 301-5009

Direct Response/Paid Programming Sales
Lisa Bortolato
Director, Direct Response
(212) 301-5418

Political and Issue Advertising
Digital Media Sales
John McCann
VP, Political Advertising Fox News Networks
(212) 301-5009

Email us at:

Irena Briganti, Senior Vice President

Media Relations
Phone: 212-301-3608
Fax: 212-819-0816


An update from Lew Rockwell’s website states the following:

 Kevin Magee (Fox Executive VP) made the decision to cancel the show. Write him at

Write Fox CEO Roger Ailes’s assistant, Gena Dellaquila, at

We are being heard. I am told that the Fox higher-ups are “stunned” at the public response.

UPDATE from a friend:

With respect, I suggest that complaints directed to Fox’s advertisers might also have great effect. says we can still save FreedomWatch – can’t hurt to try! 



Judge Napolitano said the following on his Facebook Page:

 sad news friends, but don’t worry I’ll still be here defending liberty.

Also, you may wish to sign this petition on

My personal note to The Judge:

Judge Andrew Napolitano, I hope that you know how much I loved your show. You gave me hours of show prep. Your views were refreshing, open, and honest.

Does the Government work for you or do you work for the Government?



One thought on “Can we save FreedomWatch?

  1. a gallant and noble effort to save napolitano’s show-but all for naught-the decision was made months ago in davos, as well by the house of saud.
    though i praiuse your noble intent my friend


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