Steve Skidmore of Endless Fraud Detection to be on Radio Freedom tonight!

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have Steve Skidmore of Endless Fraud Detection! Join us as we talk about some of the mortgage fraud issues currently facing Americans!


Steve Skidmore is the Chief Communications Officer for Endless Fraud Detection Services, Corp located inAustin,Texas.

For the past 6 years Mr. Skidmore has been researching the legal issues surrounding the mortgage meltdown of the past decade and the impact that it is having on this nation’s economy.

The result of his research led him to a career in the foreclosure defense industry after having met with the founder and CEO of Endless Fraud Detection Services in 2007.

Mr. Skidmore has also had experience as a non-syndicated talk radio broadcaster in the area of legal research. In 2006 he began podcasting the findings of his research on his own show, The Bell Tower. Between the years of 2007 and 2010 Mr. Skidmore began a live broadcast with his co-host Neil Switkowski, the founder and CEO of the company on Endless Fraud Detection Radio. The show was broadcast on 3 different networks and was distributed on AM and FM air waves in over 80 markets across the country.

Mr. Skidmore sacrificed a 30 year career in another unrelated industry so that he, in conjunction with other dedicated individuals, could concentrate their efforts in fighting the legal plunder of this great nation perpetuated by the predatory banking and mortgage lending industry here in the continental US.

In the time of his career in this industry, Mr. Skidmore and Endless Fraud Detection Services has worked tirelessly to bring about remedy to individual homeowners who have been effected by predatory lenders and to bring about positive change to the American economy and a way of life that has served Americans so well throughout its history.

LISTEN LIVE tonight from 5-7 pm EST! Make sure you join our Chat Rooms with any questions and to interact with other listeners! If you can’t listen live make sure you check out our archives (for free of course) or download the show on iTunes!


One thought on “Steve Skidmore of Endless Fraud Detection to be on Radio Freedom tonight!

  1. I never listen Steve live on the radio so it is great time for me to ask some question related to fraud detection.Lots of Americans are also excited to want their answers and solutions on this major issue of their life and country economy.


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