Ben Vonderheide of Daddy Justice to be on Radio Freedom tonight!

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have Ben Vonderheide!

In 2002 Bennett J. Vonderheide entered family courts in Lancaster Pa believing they would help his family and his disturbed X – He had no idea what he would become. He experienced what tens of millions of fathers have for decades in America, false accusations jammed through a system of government funded agencies hijacked by the feminist agenda. Utter destruction and infuriation with the injustice at every juncture always favoring the female and attacking the father strictly based on gender. Children being automatically deprived and alienated from their loving caring “Cool American Dads” – the best dads in the world!

By 2005 Ben realized there was no Justice for Dads as he lost his freedoms, his possessions and most hurtfully his son.

He picked up a video camera and began exposing lawyers, court guardians, police, district attorneys, politicians and even judges who were involved and/or refused to help.

Daddy Justice was born and now five years later the “extreme” reality footage he has gathered is here to witness. This film is going to force America’s eyes open and bring about long needed change.

Facing years in prison, criminal charges and constant threats and intimidation he responded with a style that can only be described as “Michael Moore on Steroids”. This style and warfare is beguiled by those in power but loved by all who have been beaten by the system and long for understanding and equity.

Watch as Daddy Justice uses his experience to help the next victim of the courts and the anti-father forces fight for justice, fairness, their children and their very lives.

Fatherless America is what Daddy Justice opposes. Fatherless America fully funded by your tax dollars.

Video Justice – Beyond Reality, Beyond Actuality, its Sureality. Lets get “Dad Real”

Let’s presuppose there are people out there who already know of the imbalance. In fact we can anticipate based on experience that most of the media will ignore us because they are female oriented and the only possibility at this time is for the guys out there who have gone through this and/or are already in the know of the facts.
I could add that RADAR does a great job of disseminating those facts and that is NOT our function. So lets not waste space on our PR to cover those details and facts – we have no new information to share that would be news IMO.
Thus, I suggest we cut to the chase – the “unique competitive advantage” of Daddy Justice is the years of film showing the inner-workings and exposing the anti-father bias along withg cracking the code and kicking their collective asses.
I think we should shorten and simplify the plight by saying this
BJV entered the American Family Courts where a man needs know only two rules.
1) Find out what she wants
2) Give it to her because she’ll get it anyway
But Ben was not the type of man to accept that paradigm and roll over…


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10 thoughts on “Ben Vonderheide of Daddy Justice to be on Radio Freedom tonight!

      • Of course! Thanks for listening. It was odd for me to think about the bias in the system (as a woman), but he had some excellent points!


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