Prepper is not a dirty word: A prepper defined

Have you ever heard that a big storm was on the way, one where you may end up losing power or stores may be closed?  What is your very first thought?

“What do I need to get?”

You may start a mental grocery list, which includes bottled water, candles, matches, and always bread and milk.  You may consider the last time your propane tank was filled or how much gas is in your car.  You may consider buying a generator or heading to a friend’s house for the duration of the storm.

A prepper is defined as an “individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances.”

In other words, a prepper hears there is a big storm coming and sits back, smiling, thinking of everyone else making mad dashes to the grocery store.

Do you know what items to put in a 72-hour emergency kit?  Do you know what the first items to go at the store are and how to supplement them yourself? Do you know which food stock lasts the longest?

As I find out so shall you.

There are different levels of prepping to consider, but the purpose of this column will be to discuss disaster preparation.  This writer will attempt to help the average family prepare a little more every day for an emergency or natural disaster, as well as discuss some of the more serious ways to prepare for a disruption in society.  Doomsday Preppers or Hurricane Preppers, we will try to give tips and tricks of the trade to all!


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