Should Newt Gingrich get Secret Service protection?

Newt Gingrich has been granted a Secret Service detail to protect him as he campaigns to become the Republican candidate for President in 2012.

The heightened protection comes on the heels of Gingrich’s second primary win of the campaign, in his home state of Georgia. The campaign had requested an official security detail in late February and heard Tuesday that the request had been approved.

This writer is curious as to why tax payers must pay for the security detail of Newt Gingrich. He has no chance of winning the nomination in 2012 although he is doing a mediocre job of taking delegates away from Mitt Romney. Newt Gingrich has157 delegates so far (pledged and unpledged).

Even Erick Erickson of RedState claims the Gingrich campaign is over:

Gingrich’s final act could be king maker by getting out and endorsing, but pride cometh before the fall. Gingrich is in mid fall. What a sad end to a brilliant legacy. But his campaign is over. All we need is Haley Joel Osment and M. Night Shyamalan to point out to him he is dead.

Yet Newt Gingrich is not dropping out and even going so far as to claim he defined the modern day Republican party. This writer must be confused, are so many people protesting the political actions taken by both parties because they are happy with them?

Yahoo News reports that Newt Gingrich thinks “no one understands me” and he also said the following:

“The thing I find most disheartening of this campaign is the difficulty of talking about large ideas on a large scale, because the news media can’t cover it and, candidly, my opponents can’t comprehend it,” Gingrich said, while also vowing to continue his campaign to the convention in Tampa this summer.

He called himself the only candidate of the four still in the contest “focused on ideas and … solutions and not just the usual politics,” and the only one advocating wholesale change to a political system that is “methodically and deliberately stupid.”

Other parts of his speech covered topics ranging from President Lincoln promoting the transcontinental railroad to the antifraud system of the American Express company. Gingrich spoke of the need for a “technological revolution” in government, but he lamented that no one but him seemed to understand that.

“Let me just talk for a second about technology and grand opportunities,” he said. “Other than Ronald Reagan, I know of no Republican in my lifetime who’s been able to talk about this. That’s why I’m still running.”

This writer thinks Newt Gingrich should stay in the race as long as he would like to continue. This writer is just curious as to why American tax payers should pay for a Sercret Service detail to follow a man around who will not win.

Considering the images of a recent Newt Gingrich rally, is Secret Service protection really needed?

Ron Paul still does not have Secret Service protection.


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