Senator Byron Dorgan to be on the Angel Clark Show tonight!

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have Senator Byron Dorgan!

The United States is addicted to oil, and we don’t often realize how American bloodshed in Afghanistan and Iraq is connected to that addiction.  In addition, Big Oil has it in their best interests to keep that oil flowing no matter what, and with no alternatives.  What if we found a clean, cheap, and nearly inexhaustible source of energy that could slow down global warming – would Big Oil goto ANY lengths to stop it?

This is the premise of the new novel BLOWOUT, by Former U.S. Senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy, Byron Dorgan, andBestselling Thriller Author and Former USAF Cryptographer, David Hagberg.  In BLOWOUT, scientists discover a bacteria that can be programmed to eat coal and leave clean fuel in their wake, unlocking America’s most abundant resource to produce two centuries worth of alternative energy.  However, when Big Oil learns that their lucrative empire is at stake, they hire domestic terrorists to attack the clean energy Initiative to prolong their oil hegemony.  It becomes a race against time with stakes that couldn’t be higher, and this explosive story uses real science to show how a situation like this could actually happen by as early as next year.

LISTEN LIVE tonight from 5-7 pm EST! Make sure you join our Chat Rooms with any questions and to interact with other listeners! If you can’t listen live make sure you check out our archives (for free of course) or download the show on iTunes!

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