Beginning Prepper notes! Tips everyone starting prepping should read!

As someone who is learning about prepping this writer has found there are a few tips that everyone seems to mention when you get started. Some are easier to follow than others!

The first thing to remember is to take it easy and only do what you are able to do. If you cannot spend $20,000 on prepping gear to get started, don’t spend $20,000 on prepping gear. Regardless of your own lack of experience, and prepping puts you and your family in a better position than no prepping.

You should also start out sticking to the basics. It’s difficult to start out getting prepared for a doomsday event. Getting prepared for a power outage for 72-hours is much easier to handle. After you have your 3-day supply, you can move up to a 7-day supply and take it from there.

Always remember to also be prepared for your pets. Don’t just set aside non-perishable food, water, and medication for your family, also set aside pet food and medications!

Make sure that you have copies of all important documents (driver’s license, passport, marriage license, emergency contacts, and medical history) but keep them in a safe place! A flash drive would also be good for this.

Another very important prepping tip is to know how you will be contacting your loved ones! In case of and emergency, do you have family that lives close by? Do you know how you will reach them? Do you have their number memorized if you have to call them from a different phone number? A meeting place may also be a good idea.



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