Ron Paul gathers 5,200 supporters while Joe Biden gathers 150 supporters

While Dr. Ron Paul was getting the “rock star treatment” in Wisconsin, Vice-President Joe Biden was speaking at his own gathering. Dr. Paul had a crowd of over 5,200 supporters stand outside in 40 degree weather to hear him speak. Vice-President Biden had over 150 supporters hear him speak at the Italian Community Center in Wisconsin.

Vice-President Biden spoke for about 30 minutes to donors and activists at about the same time Dr. Paul was speaking.

Last night 1,800 people packed inside a building in Maryland while 200 people lined up outside. All to see Dr. Ron Paul. Tonight, more than 5,200 people stood outside in 40 degree weather to hear Dr. Paul speak. This beats his previous record and is now the largest Town Hall meeting Dr. Paul has had to date!

Ron Paul supporters are enthusiastic, dedicated, and motivated. Many politicians have attempted to wrestle control of Ron Paul supporters by floating rumors regarding secret deals and back room meetings. These politicians do not seem to realize that this is a movement and is about more than just one man.

According to the Post Bulletin, Vice-President Biden’s fund-raiser was an event that cost a minimum of $250 to attend. Maybe that helped to contribute to the lack of attendance:

 The fundraiser was for the Obama Victory Fund, the joint fundraising committee for the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Tickets were a minimum of $250. The vice president began his current trip in Iowa and will go on to Illinois before returning to Wilmington, Del.

One wonders whether Vice-President Biden’s supporters left as pleased as Dr. Paul’s supporters.


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