7 confirmed dead in California at Oikos University

Monday morning, at about 10:30 am, a gunman opened fire at a Christian University in California killing seven people and wounding three others.  (Previous reports stated five people had been killed) In Oakland, California at Oikos University four of the wounded were taken away by ambulance.  The Oakland police now have a possible suspect in custody.

The suspect had been a nursing student at the college although the director of the school is unsure whether the suspect had been expelled or had dropped out.

“One of the people who was inside the building, she was saying there is a crazy guy inside,” witness Brian Snow told KGO-TV. “She did say someone got shot in the chest right next to her before she got taken off in an ambulance.”

The gunman was reported to be a Korean man in his 40s with a heavy build and weraing khaki clothing.  The shooter turned himself in at a Safeway in Alameda.  Employees at the grocery store stated that roughly an hour after the shooting the suspect walked up to the customer service desk and stated “I just shot some people”.

Oikos University is said to be an independent Korean school focusing in nursing and ministry.


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