Christine Smith to be on Radio Freedom tonight!

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have Christine Smith!

Christine Smith, 45, from Colorado, is a freelance writer, author, and speaker.

Her articles have appeared nationally and internationally covering a wide range of topics, including the arts, technology, business, politics, health, the environment, and human spirituality. She has also written profile interviews with high achievers including Gore Vidal, and a tourist guide for Europeans visiting Colorado. She additionally was commissioned to interview artists throughout Colorado for national magazine articles and was retained to contribute ten stories to a book based on interviews with entrepreneurs nationwide who had made major mid-life career changes. Christine is also author of an internationally popular book published in 2001, A Mountain In The Wind – An Exploration of the Spirituality of John Denver.

(You may read her articles regarding freedom/libertarianism which were published in the Future of Freedom Foundation’s journal HERE.)

She was the founder, manager and hostess for an annual musical event for six years which brought visitors to southern Colorado from worldwide, and was founder and president of a charity that helped thousands in need across America for over seven years. Christine was recipient of the Amigas Peace Power Prize in 2000 for her humanitarian work.  She has donated her public speaking and writing skills for years to help raise public awareness and support for other charitable/educational/environmental causes.

She was advertising sales director for a national physical fitness magazine for three years, and obtained national corporate sponsors to promote an event held at the Olympic Committee and Training Center.

Christine has appeared as a guest on numerous national and international radio shows regarding her views, writings, and work.


Christine is is a little “l” libertarian, referring to one who cherishes freedom, believes in personal responsibility, the non-initiation of force, free markets, and private property.  She rejects the control of economic and social affairs by the state, and believes people should be able to live their lives as they choose, as long as they do not harm others.

After many years involved in electoral politics, she has now rejected the electoral process entirely and is an anarchist (freedom based). Her previous political activities are detailed below, although she now rejects the electoral process as she views it as inconsistent with her focus on freedom and thus her belief in the non-aggression principle. She is now, of course, unaffiliated with any political party.She is an adherent of the Austrian School of Economics.  She credits The Law by Frederic Bastiat with eliminating all political confusion, as it clarified the immoral and unethical basis for all forms of governmental coercive intervention.

Christine attended Cato University’s “Economic Crisis, War, and the Rise of the State” program in San Diego, California in July 2009, and the Future of Freedom Foundation’s “Restoring the Republic 2008: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties” conference in Reston, Virginia in June 2008.

Brief Political Bio:
Politically involved since her early teens (in 1980, at the age of thirteen she campaigned for Ronald Reagan, distributing literature door-to-door and organizing a political rally in his support), she has actively campaigned for local, state and federal candidates, as well as being involved in a variety of political issues. As a young adult through her mid-twenties, she was a Republican thinking the party actually cared about fiscal conservatism, respecting people’s financial freedom, and protecting the nation. Then for a number of years she registered as a Democrat, wrongly thinking they cared about the poor and others. In her late 30′s, she realized there was very little difference at all between those parties since they were like one big political party — the party of big government, violating individual rights repeatedly.

Becoming a registered member of the Libertarian Party, she was a candidate for the Libertarian Party (LP) presidential nomination in 2008. During her campaign, Christine was gratified to receive support from many libertarians nationwide (including receiving a landslide victory over the other LP candidates in the California primary on Super Tuesday), and appreciated the opportunity to speak at LP conventions in eight states. [Winning the CA LP primary with 25.2% of votes cast for LP candidates, no other Libertarian candidate came close to the thousands of votes cast for Smith. There were 11 other Libertarian candidates listed on the California primary ballot. Smith’s 25.2% majority was followed by Kubby (17%), Root (13.9%), Jackson (8.8%) ,Phillies (5.1%) (Information from CA Secretary of State). The remaining 30% of registered Libertarian votes were divided between other candidates/write-ins.)] She was also a candidate (Libertarian) for the State House (District 60) in Colorado’s 2010 election.

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