Department of Homeland Security ordered an “indefinite quantity” of ammunition

When purchasing ammunition the average American has to consider many things, cost and storage being two main issues.  Luckily the United States Government and Homeland Security do not have the same issues.  It seems that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement is getting an “indefinite quantity” of ammunition.  DHS is getting an “indefinite delivery” of an “indefinite quantity of ammunition.  To be more precise the ammunition is .40 caliber bullets to be provided by defense contractor ATK.

U.S. agents will receive a maximum of 450 million rounds over five years, according to a press release on the deal.

The high performance HST bullets are designed for law enforcement and ATK says they offer “optimum penetration for terminal performance.”

This means that the bullet’s hollow point tip passes through barriers and then expands for more damage.

Business Insider reports that the DHS also has an open bid out for a stockpile of rifle ammunition.  The DHS seems to be looking for up to 175 million rounds of .223 ammunition.

One wonders what the Department of Homeland Security has planned…



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