Woman suspended without pay for refusing to let her employer into her Facebook

Recently many have been upset to see in the news that there are employers who have been asking new employees for their Facebook passwords.  It seems that in some cases they are not just asking new employees for access to their Facebook pages, but also current employees.  A teacher’s aide was recently suspended without pay when she refused to let the school district she worked for have access to her Facebook page.

At Frank Squires Elementary School in Cassopolis, Michigan, Kimberly Hester has been suspended without pay after she refused to give school administrators access to her Facebook page.  Ms. Hester posted a picture on her Facebook page that showed the tips of a pair of shoes.  You can also see the buttons of someone’s jeans over the shoes.  It looks like the image of someone’s shoes you see when glancing at the bottom of a bathroom stall to see if it is occupied.  When the school district found that Ms. Hester had posted this picture on her Facebook page they demanded access to it.  Ms. Hester held her ground and refused.

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