Tonight: Donald Landwirth to be on The Angel Clark Show!

Tonight: Donald Landwirth to be on The Angel Clark Show!
Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Donald is the founder or first C-level executive of five start-ups in online consumer products, IT consulting, real estate and semiconductors.  With over two decades of startup experience, I’ve encountered virtually every challenge that young executives will face in building and growing a company.  I’ve established the Financial, Legal, Marketing, IT, HR, Engineering, Customer Service, and other functions of four startup companies.  Now I’d like to help other entrepreneurs realize their dreams. I’ll share some of my experiences with you through my posts but, can also respond to your questions with advice and guidance on creating a vision for your company, hiring a great team and creating a culture where everyone is focused on the most important tasks. With the proper care and feeding of your startup, you can achieve a high performance organization where everyone seems to be pulling their oars in the same direction. The kind of place where you and all of your employees will say that they look forward to coming into work every day. My experience and expertise are in the areas of: business management, new product development (including market research and conjoint analysis), operations (finance, legal, HR, customer support, facilities, IT), business efficiency and optimization, online marketing (search engine optimization SEO and search engine marketing SEM/PPC), contract negotiations, software/IT development, personnel development, angel investing (lead investor, due-diligence, deal screening). I am available for advisory board or board of director positions for online consumer products companies. Education: MBA – Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Engr. – Purdue University.
LISTEN LIVE tonight from 5-7 pm EST! Make sure you join our Chat Rooms with any questions and to interact with other listeners! If you can’t listen live make sure you check out our archives (for free of course) or download the show on iTunes!

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