With 1% of precincts reporting Maryland has been called for Romney

With one percent of the precincts reporting in Fox News has called the Maryland Republican primary for Mitt Romney on Tuesday night.

At 8:30 pm ET, Mitt Romney currently has 54 percent of the vote with over 11,000 votes.  Rick Santorum is in second place with 26 percent of the vote (currently sitting at over 5,000 votes).  Newt Gingrich is in third with over 2,000 votes and Ron Paul has 1,800 votes at 8 percent.

ABC News reports that Romney won based on “electability” when looking at their exit polling data.  Although Wisconsin polls have yet to close many say Romney will win there as well as in Washington, D.C.

Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul will all remain in the race regardless of the winner of the 92 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday.

However, Santorum did make a statement regarding the $53 million Romney has spent to date in campaign ads.

“With almost unlimited resources, Governor Romney has not proven to be very effective,” Santorum said as he looked to a possible upset in Wisconsin. “The only way he’s been successful in winning the primaries is by just bludgeoning his opponents by an overwhelming money advantage – something he’s not going to have in the general election.”

Update: At 9 pm ET with 3.6 percent of the districts reporting:

Romney – 52.9% – 17,090 votes

Santorum – 26.8% – 8,673 votes

Gingrich – 10.4% – 3,371 votes

Paul – 8.2% – 2.652 votes

Huntsman – 0.6% – 310 votes

Perry – 0.4% – 134 votes


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